HBS014 Prospecting Tips

HBS014 Prospecting Tips

HBS014 Prospecting Tips

Welcome to my weekly Home Business Success Podcast.

So today, let’s look at some new ways to look at prospecting in your business.

We’re in a networking type of business.  Your success depends on meeting people and introducing them to the product or opportunity you have while really understanding how your product or opportunity might meet their needs.

It’s normal to be a little afraid when you first get started.  A lot of that comes from the thought of will I be accepted… what will people say… sometimes we feel like maybe we’re imposing upon people…

I think when we take a different perspective of what it is that we are actually sharing with someone… that changes the picture for us.  We have a gift to offer so many people.

If you’re not a top earner yet, maybe you are still struggling with what it is that you have to offer, but those of us who have been in the profession for awhile… we know what it is that we have to offer because we’re living the rewards of the profession every day.  Many of us have achieved the freedom we were looking for, and I can honestly say that network marketing has totally changed my life.

So Today We’ll Talk About Prospecting And:

  • What a good prospect Looks like.
  • How to find them and what to say to them.
  • We’ll touch a little on follow-up.
  • And we’ll also touch on mindset and how a positive attitude can help.

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HBS014 Prospecting Tips

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

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