HBS028 Helping Your Team Members Find Success

HBS028 Helping Your Team Members Find Success

HBS028 Helping Your Team Members Find Success

Today, let’s talk about Helping Your Team Members Find Success! Ultimately you are not responsible for someone else’s success. They have to want it for themselves, and be willing to do what it takes.

But there are some things you can do to help them get started on the right foot and ready to go off on their own.

In This Podcast, We Talk About Helping Your Team Members Find Success

We’ll talk about offering your opportunity to everyone without judgment.

And we’ll talk about constantly working on your personal development and why attending events is crucial.

Then, we’ll talk about personality profiles.

We’ll talk about getting rid of that minimum thinking, and going after what you want rather than the minimum each month.

And We’ll Go Into Other Areas That You Can Focus On

And we’ll talk about your Fast Start Program and making sure you have a system in place to get your new team member to success as quickly as possible.

Then, we’ll talk about who to spend your time with, and how to not let it interfere with growing your own business.

We’ll talk about team meetings and events and building the bonds that make a strong team.

And we’ll talk about flashlight goals.

Then, we’ll talk about how to keep your team members motivated.

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HBS028 Helping Your Team Members Find Success

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By Lynn Huber

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