HBS030 Clarity

HBS030 – Clarity

HBS030 – Clarity

Today, let’s talk about Clarity! Clarity can make a huge difference to you and your business… clarity in your own mind, clarity about what you value, clarity about what you want, and then clarity in the communication process.

Clarity doesn’t happen overnight it does take time but it is a skill that you can learn and it’s something that I really recommend people focus on. For me, what I found is that the clearer I am, the better results I get in every aspect of my life.

When I focus on being really clear about what I want in my business, where I’m going, who I want to go there with… it really starts to manifest itself. And I find that people want to follow leaders who have a clear vision.

The More Clarity You Have, The More Helpful It Can Be In Every Aspect Of Your Life.

We’ll talk about your core values. About how to determine what they are, and how knowing them can help you in your business and your life.

And we’ll talk about getting really clear about what you want, your passion, your purpose, or just your vision for your business, and how that really does start to attract the right people to you.

Then we’ll talk about communication styles and how knowing how somebody likes to communicate can help you achieve better and easier interactions.

We’ll talk about your Why – Why you’re doing your business and why knowing that is so important to your success.

And we’ll finish up with the Four Quadrants of Communication and how that can make all the difference in your communication with others. The four Quadrants include: What you want, your feelings, your beliefs, and the facts. They can be used in any order, as long as you use each one.

Using The Four Quadrants Really Works!

When you’re asking with clarity, and you’re asking with your belief and your feelings, what happens is that people start to relax a little bit, they start to relate back to you, they understand that your motive is pure, and it’s a lot easier for them to say Yes.

It takes away the justifying. And It takes away the convincing. It leaves you feeling good about asking somebody to be a part of what you’re doing because you’re excited and passionate about what you’re doing. and you you should be excited and passionate!

It’s an incredible business you’re in! 

And these quadrants can help you take out all the fluff and be more effective in your prospecting efforts as well as working with your team and building your business.

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HBS030 Clarity

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By Lynn Huber

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