HBS034 Overcoming Objections

HBS034 Overcoming Objections

HBS034 – Overcoming Objections Welcome to my weekly Home Business Success Podcast

Today, let’s talk about Overcoming Objections

I am always asked how to handle the objections that all of us seem to run into during the prospecting process in our business.

I believe that overcoming objections is one of the most important skills for any network marketer to learn. The problem is most networkers are rarely properly trained. This leads to struggles in making sales, sponsoring reps, and building a team.

First off, let me say… much of their response is determined by OUR posture, and how we handle ourselves when talking to them.

But the good news is… Objections are actually a GOOD thing! They are usually a sign that your prospect is seriously thinking about your business opportunity.

But sometimes prospects will pose objections just to find out how good of a leader you are. They want to see if you will “dance,” or if you will remain calm when under pressure.

We’ll talk about posture – how to get it and how to maintain it.

We’ll talk about energy and how to manage it while talking with your prospects.

We’ll cover the following objections:

• Is this one of those Pyramid Schemes, or a scam?

• How much do you make?

• I’m going to wait and see how you do.

• I can’t afford it right now.

• I’m not good at sales.

• I don’t have the time.

• I need to talk to my spouse.

• I want to think it over.

We’ll also talk about the feel, felt, found method and how that can help you.

And we’ll look at several different ways to help you close, which is just asking them if they are ready to join.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


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