Follow Up is so Crucial to Your Business

HBS039 – Follow-up Tips

Follow-Up is so Crucial to Your Business

Let’s talk about more follow-up tips.

There’s always a need for follow-up. Many of us go to networking events and engage online and meet people who we think are interesting and could be great customers or business partners.

We juggle multiple communications in our life activities both on and offline, which require us to follow-up.

But we are lost in and bombarded with millions of images, messages and impressions relentlessly coming at us at lightning speed. It’s so easy to fall through the email, social and Web cracks. But that should NOT be an excuse or an out for not improving our follow-up as a core relationship building tool and professionalism quality.

Email, text and social media have become a primary way we communicate in real time. As much as this is our norm, it is has changed the way we follow-up and is creating somewhat of a “lost art of follow up.”

But here’s the thing… we know from simple sales statistics that 80% of sales happen after the 5th contact! Yep, people need to see and hear about your business 5 times or more. Don’t miss the chance to sponsor 80% of the people who you approach by not following up with them regularly.

Let’s Talk About Follow-Up

There are two types of follow-up: One is staying in touch until the timing is right, or they’re ready for more, and the other is after we’ve shared our product or opportunity with them and we need to follow-up to see if they have any interest.

What We’ll Talk About

We’ll talk about the 3 phone calls I make after sharing a business tool with someone. And  then what I do after those 3 phone calls have been made if I they haven’t engaged with me.

And we’ll talk about why you always want to be looking for new people to share your products and opportunity with, and who you are looking for.

We’ll talk about what to do when someone hasn’t engaged yet, or they want to wait until payday, or wait until next week, or needs to think about it, etc.

Then we’ll talk about being really clear with yourself about why you are following up, what you wish to accomplish by that, and be sure you are comfortable doing it.

We’ll talk about how keeping a good mix of personal and non-personal type follow-ups are important. You also want to follow up at times without asking them for anything, but rather just to check in on them. This is crucial.

And we’ll talk about building relationships and why that’s so important.

We’ll talk about being consistent and responsive. Prospects want you to be predictable and professional, but not forceful or pushy.

And we’ll talk about how important follow-up is to your business. And how you might well find you can double or triple your success in business with a little diligent follow up.

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Follow Up is so Crucial to Your Business

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By Lynn Huber

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