HBS053 – Let Go of Fear

HBS053 – Let Go of FearWelcome to my weekly Home Business Success Podcast.

Today, let’s talk about Fear. What are we afraid of? …And is there really anything to fear in Network Marketing?

I talk to a lot of home business owners who can’t seem to get ahead. I set out to find out why because my goal is to help as many people as possible to succeed!

There’s one common thing that I keep hearing as I’m talking to others about why they’re struggling. When I ask them, How many people did you talk to last week about your business?, I always get the same answer… Well… None.

Well, your business will never grow if you’re not talking to people. Now, I know it can be scary… but if you let fear hold you back from creating an amazing business, you are just cheating yourself.

If you are not comfortable sharing your business with people, well, there’s a problem right there! Work on building your confidence through personal development. Take the first step. Implement a method you learned to talk to people. It may not go well the first few times but you will get better at this, I promise you! Just know that we get more NO’s than YES’s in this business. That’s just the way it is. But we’ve got to talk to them in order to get those No’s and Yes’s. So let’s look at fear and how it may be holding us back.

So we’ll talk about how scary our Network Marketing business really is relation to other things we could be doing.

We’ll talk about the Fear of Rejection, and how to reframe that to get beyond it.

We’ll talk about how important conviction and excitement are, rather than having all the answers or the best presentation.

We’ll talk about the Fear of Looking Foolish and how to get around that.

We’ll talk about the Fear of Success. Most people don’t even realize they have this fear, but you’d be amazed at how it can hold you back.

And we’ll talk about letting go of the responsibility of others. You have no control over who will decide to join you and who won’t. You know where you are going so go after it and don’t let anything hold you back!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


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