10 Beliefs You Should Let Go Of

10 Beliefs You Should Let Go OfAs we go through life, we pick up many ideas and beliefs that are not good for us.  Some of them can even be detrimental to our happiness.

Just like we clear our lungs to take in new air, when we empty our minds of dull ideas it can help us create brighter lives.

Here are some of the things you may want to let go:

1.  Problems are bad.  Life is full of both opportunities, and problems.  But problems are not necessarily bad.  Real problems are just stepping stones, which help you move up to the next level, or to find something better in your life.  For instance…  Your relationship goes sour?  It could be teaching you what love really means, or what you don’t want in your soul mate.  Feeling burned out at work?  It could be steering you towards your perfect job.  Solving the problem actually adds interest to your life.  Look at how boring it would be if everything were always perfect.  Finding solutions is what adds many dimensions to your life.

2.  You have to always be happy.  Truth is, you don’t always have to be happy to feel good.  At different times in our life, we need to feel the other emotions, even though sometimes that may mean feeling sadness.  Having the freedom to feel the way you need to feel is the foundation of well-being.

3.  The beautiful girls get whatever they want.   Yes, sometimes they’ll receive the preferential treatment from other people, but mostly it’s at the cost of not being seen.  People are so busy looking at their breasts or their beautiful face, that they don’t notice the person inside.

4.  I am destroyed by my past.  As we go through our lives, we have a certain number of painful events, and they leave scars and limiting beliefs.  But we are growing and changing every day, and we have the ability to erase, or at least ease, some of the scars of our past.  Whenever you are confronted by an issue from your past, examine it.  Think about what it is and where it might have come from.  Think of three reasons why that belief may be wrong, and you’ll find that your brain will begin to let it go so you can move forward in your growth.

5.  Success is the opposite of Failure.  Success is actually built on failure – one step at a time.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to quit smoking or if you are Edison trying to invent an electric light bulb.  Each failure gets you one step closer to success.  We succeed to the degree we try, fail, learn, and try again.  People who worry about mistakes shut down, but those who are not afraid of mistakes learn, over time, to do well.

6.  I have to work hard to be successful.  Actually playing can go further towards our success than working.  Think about how you played as a child, with all out absorption.  Use your play and your imagination to handle real-world situations.

7.  What will people think of me?  Many people are afraid to try, because they might fail, and then people might think badly of them.  Actually, some people are going to love you and some are not.  Truth is… it doesn’t matter – not one bit.  You know who you are, and what others think just doesn’t matter.

8.  We must make rational decisions.  Actually, complex problems are best solved by thinking like an animal.  Consider a choice you have to make.  It doesn’t matter how difficult or easy the choice is… what to have for dinner, or who to hire for your next project.  You already know the answer within you, but you have to trust your body.  Notice your physical response to each option.  Pay attention to when your body tenses or relaxes.  I use a muscle test that is amazingly accurate.  Stand straight and tall.  Close your eyes.  Ask your body to show you a No.  You’ll find your body either naturally swaying toward the front or the back.  Once you know what a No feels like in your body, ask it your question that you need an answer.  Relax and let your body show you whether the answer is a Yes or No.

9.  If I could have anything I wanted, my life would be perfect.  Good fortune has its side effects as well.  Happiness is an inside job.  As long as you’re depending on external things to make you happy, you’re always going to be struggling.  Oddly, when you’ve stopped depending on tangible rewards, they often materialize.  By using the Power of Attraction, you can have anything you want in life.  When your focus is on gratitude and joy, everything you want is magnetically attracted to you.

10.  Loss is terrible.  It can be very hard when you lose something major.  But many people have found that even after they’ve had their house burn down and they’ve lost everything they own… the possessions aren’t all that important.  What is important is the people in your life, and your own self-love.  Possessions come and go.  Likely they’ll even be replaced by something better.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Stop trying to fit in, and start being you.  Question the way you think, behave and believe right now.  Explore where those beliefs came from and identify them as a positive or negative in your life.  Let go of the ones that are not helping you, and replace them with ones that will help you move forward.

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