10 Life Changing Benefits of Your Home Business

10 Life Changing Benefits of Your Home BusinessDid you know that 50% of American homes will be involved in the MLM / Network Marketing profession by 2015?

And it is estimated that over 600,000 more network marketers will join every year!

For those who are in the profession, life keeps getting better and better.

Here are 10 life-changing benefits of owning your own Network Marketing business:

 1.  It’s Flexible

Network Marketing gives you both the financial and time freedom so that you can live your life the way you want.  You control your schedule.  You get to decide when to go on vacation.  You get to work around your children’s activities instead of missing them.

2.  You Build a New Family

Many in the Network Marketing profession say they love the family environment they find here.  The way to be successful is to help others be successful, so this fosters true mentorship and support.  Many join Network Marketing for the money, but stay for the relationships they’ve built.

3.  Financial Freedom

You get to decide how much money you are going to make.  Want more money; put more effort into your business.  You’re not likely to find that in a job.  20% of home businesses earn over $100,000/year.  Or if you’re just looking for a little extra money and don’t want to put in as much effort, that is available to you as well.

4.  Balance Work and Family

With Network Marketing, you no longer have to choose between a career and family.  In fact, you’ll find lots of couples working their business together.  And look at the amazing skills you’ll be able to teach your children.  You really can have it all.

5. FREE Vacations

Most MLM / Network Marketing companies offer incentive vacations for their top performing distributors.  They’ve learned that incentive trips inspire distributors, create tighter bonds between teams, and increase performance and motivation better than cash bonuses.  That means the more you vacation for free, the more money you’re making!

6. Tax Write-offs

Are you taking advantage of all the tax deductions you’ll be able to take with your home business?  These include items such as business supplies, advertising expenses, computers and supplies, cell-phone, travel expenses, entertainment, business gifts and more.  You’ll want to talk to your tax professional for more details.

7.  Low Risk

Working from home as an MLMer gives you all the benefits of owning your own business without all the huge startup costs of most traditional businesses.  You can start most businesses for less than $500, and it is possible to be making a profit your first month.

8.  Mondays Become Just Another Day

You get to choose your hours, and in most cases work from wherever you are.  I’ve worked my business from cruise ships, exclusive resorts around the world, or even at my neighborhood Starbucks.  Mondays are no longer something to dread.  In fact, you can sleep in on Mondays if you choose.

9.  Quality Products

Network Marketing companies generally have top-notch products.  You get to sell products and services that you’re proud to use every day.  …Products so good that more often than not, they become part of your home and lifestyle.

10.  Change Lives

As you build your business you’re not only focused on your own success, but also that of your entire team.  Nothing can prepare you for the feeling you get when you realize you’ve been able to help someone better their life.

Imagine having your own productive Network Marketing business that provides you with a lifestyle that only the rich and famous enjoy.  Once you give it the time and effort, and get all the pieces in place, your life can be very fulfilling indeed.  Is it easy?  No it isn’t.  But it is worth it!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Network marketers are some of the most upbeat, positive people I know.  This is true in most every company.  Not only will you grow your income, but you’ll also grow as a person.  You won’t be able to help it!

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