The $300 Solution - Dealing with Attrition

The $300 Solution – Dealing with Attrition

The $300 Solution – Dealing with Attrition

Network Marketing or MLM offers some amazing benefits for those who are ready and willing to get out of the corporate world.  You hear all the time about people creating six-figure incomes.  But the key is finding a solution to attrition.

For many people, Network Marketing is their only realistic hope of making an extraordinary income.

Where else can you start a home business with as little as a few hundred dollars, and have a chance to earn hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars per month on an ongoing basis?

Not everyone does that, of course, but Network Marketing makes it possible!

Unfortunately, there is one thing that plagues our profession…


Attrition is a problem because many people join our profession and don’t achieve the success they’re looking for right away, and so they give up and decide Network Marketing doesn’t work.

But the truth is… it does work!  And there is a strategy that can solve this problem for many people.

The key is to get your distributors to the point where they’re earning $300 a month as soon as possible.

The quicker you can make this happen, the longer your team members will stay in your business, and the more they will produce results.

Randolph Byrd, a founding partner of Upline Magazine, and who wrote the original article titled “The $300 Solution How to create successful leaders by creating achievable Milestones” said, “There is one reason that people don’t get to the $300 benchmark it is because they don’t know how to prospect or sponsor.”

Here are some tips to help your team achieve that $300 success as soon as possible

1 – Establish the expectation of achieving the first check of $300.

Too many people think they’re going to join a company and immediately get rich!

When they’re not getting rich within their first few months, they quit.

Set the expectation, and then get them to earning $300… and then celebrate them for this accomplishment!

2 – Learn your compensation plan and know what it takes to achieve that $300 per month.

Create a game plan to reach this target and teach it to every new distributor.

People are more likely to stay when they have simple steps to follow and are know what it is they need to do,

3 – Teach your team how to prospect.

Work with them and hold their hand while they are learning.

Help them find people to talk to, and what to say when they find them.

Network Marketing is a team business.  It requires that Network to be successful.  You can’t do it by yourself.

By making sure you and everyone in your team reaches for and achieves that first $300 benchmark, you can ensure a permanent long-term residual income for you and anyone on your team who wants it.

Do you know of any other business that provides greater success for people when they help others to be successful?

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Do you know of any other business that provides greater success for people when they help others to be successful?


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The $300 Solution - Dealing with Attrition

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