4 Critical Website Factors for Better Google Traffic

4 Critical Website Factors for Better Google Traffic

4 Critical Website Factors for Better Google Traffic

To get as much Google traffic to your website as possible you need to make your website Google friendly.

This means that you need to ensure that certain aspects of your website are going to please Google and make them want to rank your pages higher in the Google search results.

You are in control of all 4 of the factors in this post.

If you fail to pay attention to any of these factors, it can hurt the amount of Google traffic you receive.

Below are the factors that you will want to implement so that you are ready for some Google love.

1 – Optimize Your Website For Google Traffic

Google is a machine, and you need to help it as much as possible by optimizing your website and all of its content.

It is essential that Google understands what your website is about and the individual topics that your web pages cover.

You need to perform keyword research and then use the keywords you discover to optimize your posts and pages.

Each one of your pages needs to have the main keyword in the page title as well as the meta description.

Choose related keywords to add to your body text as well.

Use header tags (H2, H3) to break up your content and include keywords in some of these.

Optimize all images that you use by adding keywords to the alt tags and saving your images with keywords in the file name, e.g., dog-training.png

Structure your website into specific categories.

This is easy if you use the WordPress CMS.

The more that your website makes sense, the more Google will appreciate it.

It takes a bit of time and effort to optimize your website and your pages, but this is worth it as you will significantly improve your chances of higher rankings in Google.

Install the Yoast SEO WordPress Plug-In and have it create an SML Sitemap.  Google uses this to understand your website.

2 – Make Sure That Your Pages Load Fast For Google Traffic

Google users hate waiting for a page to load.

If it takes more than 2 seconds to load your web pages, they are very likely to go elsewhere.

Page loading speed is something that takes very seriously and if you have a slow website then they are not going to rank you very high.

Use the free Page Speed Insights checker from Google to test the load speed of some of your pages.

Or you can also use the free Page Speed Text at GTMetrix.

This should load extremely fast. If you get a low score with this, you need to think about moving to another web host.

If you have been using a cheap WebHost, it might be time to move on.  The slow load times can cost you dearly.

Try the webhost I am using, SiteGround.  They are still very inexpensive, but they take the speed of your website very seriously.

They also have a tool that makes it very easy to move your website from another hosting company.

It is worth it to be able to have fast-loading websites that come up quickly for Google searches.

3 – HTTPS Security

Another thing that Google takes really seriously is the security of websites that appear in its search results.

These days, every website should have an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate installed which provides encryption.

Many web hosting companies are providing SSL certificates free of charge to their customers. SiteGround provides free SSL certificates for every website hosted on its servers.

Some are still charging for this. It doesn’t matter what the situation is with your web host, you need an SSL certificate so do what it takes to get one.

4 – Mobile Responsive

With so many mobile device users these days it is essential that your website is responsive and will provide a good experience no matter whether a computer, smartphone, or tablet is used.

If you have a WordPress website, then there are many themes that will automatically do this.

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s. If you fail to pay attention to any of these factors, it can hurt the amount of Google traffic you receive.


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4 Critical Website Factors for Better Google Traffic

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