The 4 Whys

The 4 Whys As you’re talking with people about your MLM / Network Marketing, Online Marketing business, there are 4 questions that will be in most people’s minds and that you should take care of up front.

Getting these out of the way during your presentation will take care of most of their questions.

1.  Why Network Marketing?

Talk about Network Marketing being a new way of life.  Some of the things you can say are, You can earn a great income.  Joining and starting today will help you get the lifestyle you want.  You can build a future and reach your goals.

2.  Why (your company)?

What makes your company better than all the others?  Some of the things you can say are, You want to join our company because… we have products that people want, you will be proud of our products, you can make a difference in other’s lives, no one else has our products, no one else has leadership like we provide, our company provides outstanding rewards such as a car program and incentive trips, we have an outstanding pay plan, recognition and appreciation, opportunities to train, the best and easiest system.  You will make new friends and you will have more fun than you’ve ever imagined.

Use visuals, recruiting brochures, magazines, videos, DVDs, etc to show all the benefits and what’s in it for them.  They’re not interested in how long your company has been in business or how much the company earned last year.  Talk in terms of what they’ll get out of joining your company.

3.  Why join with me?

What makes you different than other distributors in your company?  Why would someone want to join with you?  Some of the things you can say are, You want to join with me because… I am accessible, I am fun, I am honest, I will guide you to the information you need to succeed, I will return your calls, you can count on me, I am a rock in our company, you can depend on me.

4.  Why now?

Why not another day?  What’s the rush?  Why join today?  Why not tomorrow?  Stress joining now.  Say things such as, You want to join now because… we are going into our busiest season, the holidays are coming, you can begin now to qualify for the upcoming trip or whatever contest is going on, It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s the best time of year.  Be the first in your area to join.  Start making money today.  You will get an exciting fun future where you can achieve your dreams.  Every day you wait, you are missing an opportunity to build your business.

Learn all the benefits that are unique to your company and to joining you.  A benefit is the anticipated feeling they will get from joining your company.  A benefit comes after the words, “you get.”  A feature is a product, service or attribute that differentiates your company from other companies.  Focus on selling the benefits.  That’s what your prospect is interested in.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Talk about benefits and benefits and more benefits.  Benefits are only about one thing, the prospect.  Benefits answer the question, so what does that mean for me?

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