6 Tips to Build a Large MLM Team

6 Tips to Build a Large MLM Team

6 Tips to Build a Large MLM Team

MLM is a people business, and every person you meet is different.  By assuring that each of your team members’ needs are met, you ensure growth as well as loyalty in your team.

Below are six principles to help you create synergy in your team.

Each is vitally important to your team’s growth.  Since they are equally important, they are in no particular order.

Recognition –

Recognition is vitally important.  Of course, you will recognize results, but be sure to also recognize effort and activity.

Keeping in mind that what you recognize will be expanded, you’ll want to be sure to recognize things such as those who do the most 3-way calls, have the most home business presentations, the most guests at the weekly presentations (if you’re doing these), and any other activity you want to see more of.

Recognizing activity will increase activity that will lead to an increase in results.

Competition –

Friendly competition can increase the speed of the growth of your team.

In general, successful people are competitive – some with others, and some with themselves.  They want to see and challenge what they believe is possible.

Be creative and strive for a fun, friendly, competitive environment.

Look for ways to create activity-based competition as well as results-based competition.

This will help you keep harmony within your group and give everyone a chance to win, earn, and learn.

Friendly competition will increase motivation, belief, and action within your team.

Motivation –

Generally speaking, motivation is an inside job.  You can’t motivate someone – they must motivate themselves.

But knowing why each of your team members is there in your business can go a long way towards helping you to motivate them.

Stories are a great way to increase belief and motivation.

People tend to insert themselves into the story and it helps expand their vision.

A story about someone who struggled, in the beginning, can be motivating because people will see themselves in the story and start to believe that if that person can do it so can they.

Be careful about big money stories as these can frustrate your team members if they don’t quickly see those types of results.

Collect many types of real-life stories so you’ll have different types to fall back on to help your MLM team grow.

Communication –

Keep your business simple.  You want to make it easy enough for an 8-year-old to be successful.

Train your team members exactly what they should do in the simplest way possible.  Guide them through each step of the process to achieve their goals.

Avoid anything negative when talking with your team members.  You don’t want to poison your team or affect their success with any negative talk.

Use stories as much as possible to help your team members create a vision and build their beliefs.

Accountability –

Help each of your team members set goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Then build in an accountability system.

Be sure to hold them accountable to activity rather than results.  As long as they are doing the activity, the results will follow.

If you can help your team members make money, they will remain loyal to you and their business.

Education –

You may have heard that your income follows your personal development.

Nowhere is this more true than in your MLM / Network Marketing / Internet Marketing business.

If you build a culture of learning and growing within your team, everyone wins!

The purpose of personal development in your home business is to develop into a person of confidence and action.

As you learn the skills and work on the activity, success will follow.

By following all the above principles and modeling them for your team, you’ll be building leaders.  You want to build a team that understands these principles and is exercising them regularly.

The best way to educate your leaders is by demonstrating the use of these principles, working with them and getting them involved in the process and ultimately taking ownership of this process – and before you know it duplication will follow!

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.   Take the time to find out what your team members want out of their business and help them achieve their goals, and you’ll have a strong loyal team.


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6 Tips to Build a Large MLM Team

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