90-Days to Momentum

Work Your Business ConsistentlyI just made a commitment to my upline that I would do 90 presentations in the next ninety days!

Sound like a lot?  Well it’s really just one presentation per day, but the focus is more on the end number because one a day will be a little more difficult in the beginning.

90 day blocks can be very empowering because you can look back and see the start, middle and finish, and realize how far you’ve come when you’ve completed the challenge.

The truth is that building our business requires consistency.  The more people we show our opportunity to, the more people will join our business.  We meet many people every day.  We show them our business, invite them to a presentation.  If they’re not interested, we bless them, release them and move on to the next person.  Staying completely focused on building our business every day is what brings the huge success we’re all looking for.

It doesn’t work to be a recruiting machine one week and then a couch potato the next.  As our team grows, our new distributors will be watching us for inspiration and example.  Consistency is what builds momentum.  It keeps us and our business on track.

I’ve talked to many top performers from many companies, and the answer is always the same – the thing that helped get them to the top of their company is consistency.  If you have the discipline to maintain that consistency, and teach others to do the same your momentum will become unstoppable.

So, plan your business in 90 day increments and work your 90 day plan.  In the beginning of the 90 days, it can seem like you aren’t getting anywhere; you take action and nothing shows up. But, it’s like priming the pump – you have to keep at it so the water can finally reach the top.  It doesn’t happen right away but by being consistent, it will happen without a doubt.

Believe in yourself and believe in your business.  Work your business every day and you can’t help being successful!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  90 days truly can change everything.  Short periods of extremely high productivity will increase your business results faster than anything else.

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