A Business that Allowed Us To Move out of State Without Missing a Beat

A Business that Allowed Us To Move out of State Without Missing a Beat

A Business that Allowed Us To Move out of State Without Missing a Beat

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  About 25 years ago I moved to Ventura, California, headed to a new beach lifestyle.  I loved Ventura and Richard and I had many friends there.

But my entire family was still in Salt Lake City.  Even my daughter and grandson moved back there a year prior.

It was great to go and visit but each time I went home, I would get a little homesick.  While we were visiting during Christmas a few years ago, Richard and I got this wonderful idea to buy a small 1 bedroom condo in one of the tall buildings downtown, as a second home.

It would be a great place to live – right downtown with easy access to everything.  We went and looked at a couple of units, and found that the ones we were interested in which were on the higher floors were close to a million dollars.

We were debt-free.  We loved that, and had no intention of going back into debt for such an expensive one-bedroom condo.  But, looking at condos whetted our appetite and we were now excited about moving back.  So as we were flying home from Salt Lake City, we decided we would make it happen!

Below is an interview I did with Jackie Ulmer about my move. Enjoy…


.Neither Richard nor I wanted to move in the winter. Springtime seemed to be a good time to move.  We would wait until the weather got better so we wouldn’t have to deal with the snow while we were moving.  We knew that once we were living there, the snow wouldn’t be such a big deal since we worked from home and could decide not to go out in the weather if we chose.

lynn and richard's back yard

So over the next few months we started clearing out things we wouldn’t be taking with us to Salt Lake City.  We also started looking at listings in Salt Lake City, even though we knew that anything we found now probably wouldn’t be there when we were ready. But there was one we totally fell in love with.

At the end of March, we listed our house in California.  It sold within the first two weeks and we got exactly what we wanted out of it.   We flew to Salt Lake City, and looked at many houses.  The one we fell in love with online was still available and it was just what we expected it to be!  We put in an offer and before we knew it we owned the house of our dreams in Salt Lake City!

It was a beautiful tri-level house in a very small gated community.  The gated community gave us the privacy we wanted, but with benefits such as yard care and snow removal included.  The best part… we had a beautiful lush forest and a creek right in our back yard – roughly 20 feet from our back door!  This was heaven!

We flew back home and packed up our house.  My business was pretty much on autopilot.  I spent an hour or so each morning and evening to make sure I stayed on top of my business, but that’s literally all I needed.  Richard and I were at the top of our company’s current Eagle’s Challenge and didn’t want our move to knock us out of the top.

We paid someone to pack a U-Haul.  Richard drove it and towed his car, and I drove my car to Salt Lake City, and we paid someone to unload the truck.  Then we got unpacked and moved in.

lynn and richard's back yardThroughout all this time, my business never skipped a beat!  The cool thing about my business is that it can be handled completely with a phone and laptop – no matter where I am.  I didn’t really even have to give it too much thought!

Imagine creating a business that gives you the freedom to unplug your laptop; move your home to another state; plug back in and never skip a beat in your business!  We have that!

I am so thankful that I found network marketing years ago and that Richard and I worked to be successful.  In the beginning, an extra $200 or $1,000 per month doesn’t sound like much, but when you have that on top of your regular income, it can make such a difference in your life.

This is what can help you pay off your bills and become debt free!  Because our business was thriving and we had no debts, moving was very easy.  We didn’t have to worry how we would support ourselves until we found new jobs, or how we were going to pay for all this.  We just made the decision and made it happen!

I feel so incredibly blessed every day.  Every morning I get up  and look at the creek and I say, “This is my house!” “I own this house!”  “How incredible is this!”  I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels!

I get to spend time with my daughter and grandson, my mother, my sister and brother in law, my brother and his fiancé, and my uncle and his partner.  They all come over to our house for coffee on the deck, or movie night in our home theater and we really enjoy each other’s company.

I get to work my business on my deck looking at the creek …and even though we moved, Richard and I still ended up as #9 in the Eagle’s Challenge.  What more could I possibly ask for!

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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. When I first started working my home business, I had no idea that I really could have the time and money freedom.  I never realized that I wouldn’t have to work 60 hours+ per week for a boss – that my time could be my own.  If you’ve been wondering about having your own business, now is the time!  Don’t put it off any longer!

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