What Others Say About Lynn Huber

I’m sure you have questions about what I offer; if it’s proven and if you should “buy in!” Good for you, I believe in asking questions about who is going to train you! Here are some comments others have shared about working with me:


Lynn Huber is without a doubt a true leader among leaders in the online, home business profession. She has an outstanding work ethic and offers world class support and leadership to not only her team, but all of the profession. She understands exactly what it takes to be successful and truly walks her talk! Anyone in her organization can rest assured they have chosen  from the cream of the crop.
~Jackie Ulmer

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I would like to express my respect and appreciation for Lynn, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group. Lynn is one of the most dynamic people I have ever known. Her ability to develop a vision and lead a team is second to none. Lynn’s motivational skills are top notch. Her creative ideas for presentations and activities are inventive and entertaining; they also very effective.   I urge anyone who has a chance to work with Lynn to take that chance as Lynn is, quite simply, the most remarkable leader I have ever met.
~Sandi Sandell

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Lynn is always ready to help and answer questions. I appreciate her knowledge and willingness to share.  ~Tammy Rawlins

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I first encountered Lynn and Richard Huber on Facebook. It has been a blessing.  I am not a member of Lynn’s team. However, Lynn has always been very supportive of my efforts in building my business, thus making me feel like I am a part of her team. Lynn is industrious, supportive and consistently building a team of customers and distributors. I have witnessed it first hand.

If you’re a potential customer, Lynn and Richard will always be there to answer your questions and to make certain you have an awesome experience using the service. If you’re a potential member of Lynn’s organization of business builders you will have a very effective person to model your business after in order to create a successful business.

I feel like I have become friends with Lynn and Richard over the past year and I have learned little tips and techniques to make my own business stronger and more successful by watching, studying and learning from the example the Huber’s have set.

May you have an awesome experience, be it as a customer or business builder.
~Jeff Hubbard

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Lynn is AWESOME!! We have known of each other for several years but we have never met. I just recently started with her company and she has been VERY helpful in getting me started. She answers all my silly “newbie” questions and she even gave me a streaming ticket to go to this years Convention since it was too short notice for me to attend. AND . . . I texted her on the last day to see if she’d buy me a couple of T-shirts from the Convention (I would mail her a check) and she did. LOVE her and Richard too!!  ~Karen Whitney

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Lynn Huber LISTENS to her clients and helps them find solutions for their unique needs and figures a way to make her service and products cost-effective for organizations and indiviuals. I know because she did both for me. That cinched my relationship with her for life! ~Kathleen Herriott