Allow Yourself To Give Freely

Allow Yourself To Give Freely

Allow Yourself To Give Freely

Giving is one of our greatest joys.

When we trust that we live in an abundant universe and allow ourselves to give freely, we raise our frequency, strengthen our faith, and feel awesome – thereby putting ourselves in flow and the position to receive abundant amounts in return.

When we’re in fear, we hold on to what we’ve got because we don’t trust that there’s more.

We pinch off the energy, we’re scared to share, and we focus on, and create more of, the very thing we’re hoping to avoid, which is lack.

We live in a universe of give and receive, breathe and exhale, live and die, sucky and awesome.

Each side depends on the other, and each is relative to the other – every action has an equal and opposite reaction – so the more you give, the more you receive.  And vice versa.

If you want to attract good things and feelings into your life, send awesomeness out to everyone around you.  Here are some good ways to get in the give-and-take flow:

1.  If you haven’t already, pick one or two causes that have real meaning to you and give to them every month.  Give however much time or money you can, but do it consistently so it becomes a habit, so it becomes part of who you are.  Even five dollars a month counts.

2.  Give one of your favorite things in the world away to someone who would totally love it.  And if you can, do it without them knowing where it came from.

3.  Leave a dollar more than you normally would every time you tip – or ten.

4.  If someone is being snarky, instead of sinking to their level and being snarky back, raise them up by giving them the love.

5.  Smile, compliment, and make people happy as often as possible.

6.  Say Yes to invitations that you wouldn’t normally say yes to because you hate to inconvenience the person offering.  Take them up on it.  Give them the opportunity to give to you.

7.  Stop and feel in your body how great it feels when you give and receive; raise your frequency and expect more good things to come your way.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  If you want to attract good things and feelings into your life, send awesomeness out to everyone around you.

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