Attracting Prosperity with Positive Thinking

Attracting Prosperity with Positive Thinking

Attracting Prosperity with Positive Thinking

Many home business owners lay awake at night, worrying about how to find prosperity.

They don’t see any money coming in and their teams aren’t working.

They’ve tried motivating their team members, but that’s not always easy either.

They’re terrified that they are not going to be able to make this business work!

If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t – you are right!

Our Thoughts and Our Beliefs are Very Powerful When it Comes to Attracting Prosperity  

They are capable of influencing every aspect of our lives, from our physical health to our social behaviors, to our business success and prosperity.

If we want to improve our lives, we must first improve our thoughts.

Harnessing the power of a thought is a powerful way can create huge changes in our lives, including our financial well-being and prosperity.

Keep in mind that being prosperous is much more than just having a lot of money.

Prosperity is a mindset, a way of interacting in our lives, and a way of thinking.

Mastering this thought process is not easy, but it is achievable if we keep working on it consistently.

Here are Some Ideas to Help You Improve your Thoughts and Attract More Prosperity into Your Life:

Be grateful for the prosperity and blessings in your life right now. –

Spend a few minutes each day to appreciate the good things in your life.

Start a journal and write about a few of your blessings each day.

This will help you focus on abundance instead of lack.

Use I Am Statements to train yourself to think positively –

Use positive affirmation such as “I am attracting all the right people into my business,” or “I am worthy of all that is good.”

Write the statements down and repeat them every night before you go to bed.

Over time, your mind will be reprogrammed with these thoughts and you will naturally begin to believe them.

Leave a Penny at the Cash Register –

If there is a “Take a penny, leave a penny” tray at the cash register, donate one to the tray, even if you aren’t paying with cash.

Tell yourself, “I always have plenty of money.”

Hold the Door Open for Others –

When entering a building, smile, and nod, and “play doorman.”

Give the gift of service for 20 seconds.

If someone opens the door for you, move right through and thank them.

Tell yourself, “I always have plenty of time to play with others.”

Tip Well When Eating Out –

If your waitress or waiter is really good, and you feel like you got exceptional service, up your standard tip.

If your default tip is 15%, then give 20% or even 25% for amazing service.

Tell yourself, “I give and I receive freely.  I have received amazing service, and I give back in joy right now.

I have plenty of money.”

Give Yourself the Gift of Meditation for Prosperity in Your Business –

Focus on the expansion of your home business.

See it growing and serving others in more and more powerful ways.

Take time to be quiet with yourself and allow your vision to take hold in your vibration.

Tell yourself, “I give myself to this vision, and I expect to live it as soon as today.”

Give Freely When you Sense a Need –

If you are entering the grocery store and you see a hungry person outside, consider buying something to give them that they can eat immediately.

When you are inspired to give them money you can do so, or choose something ready to eat that you know will nourish them.

If you see someone in line at the check stand who you feel could really use some financial help, pay some money to the cashier on their behalf.

Tell yourself, “I give to others in need.  The Universe gives to me in my generosity and gratitude as well, always.”

Accept Help From Others Gratefully –

Yes, it can take longer to have someone “help you” do something but if you accept the offer in joy and openness, you can keep your flow open on the receiving end.

Tell yourself, “I receive gifts into my life freely, joyously, and openly.”

When you start deliberately changing your thoughts, day by day, you will start to come into alignment with the essence of abundance.

Then abundance will spontaneously start flowing to you!

Working hard, straining, struggling, and sacrificing are not the answers to creating more money or abundance.

There is an easier way – by bringing your thoughts and feelings into alignment with abundance – or allowing abundance.

Spending a few minutes each day on developing an abundance mindset can drastically transform your life!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Spending a few minutes each day on developing an abundance mindset can drastically transform your life!


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Attracting Prosperity with Positive Thinking

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