Be More Productive in Your Home Business

Be More Productive in Your Home Business

Be More Productive in Your Home Business

One of the advantages of having a home business is that it allows you to be as flexible and creative as you want to suit your working style.

We all tell ourselves that we’re working hard on our business each day, week, month and year, but how many of us can honestly say we are completely productive with our time? There is a big difference between being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’.

Being productive is the key to success.  You need to be accountable to yourself because you get paid for what you do and your future career or life depends on your current performance.

Here are some Keys to help you be more productive:

Do you have a goal? –

If you don’t have a goal, how can you know what you should be working on.  How can you possibly be productive if you don’t have a set plan and know what steps you need to take to reach your goal.

Without a goal, you might be spinning your wheels.  You may still be working hard, but not necessarily doing the tasks that will get you to where you are going.  You may be busy all day, yet you won’t accomplish the tasks that will help you reach your goal.

Passion –

Passion is THE key that will make you get to work on your goal.  If you have passion, you are raring to go now – not waiting for the right time, or the right place, or the right circumstances.

For instance, if you are a blogger, you’re better off writing about a subject that you’re passionate about rather than one that you think will make you more money.  People will feel your passion and will be drawn to your blog.  You won’t have to make yourself get to work and start writing – in fact, you most likely won’t be able to hold yourself back.

Commitment –

Getting committed to your goal is a side effect of your passion.  Commitment means making the decision to work your business no matter what.

I am a blogger, and I have made the commitment that I will make sure that I write a new blog post and market it online EVERY DAY, NO MATTER WHAT!  So when I was on my cruise a couple of weeks ago, I made sure to spend extra time writing blog posts before I left.  So when I left on my cruise, the blog posts were all written and scheduled for the entire week I would be gone.  But I still logged into the internet from the ship EVERY MORNING to market my blog posts.  That one hour per day is all it took.

Some people feel that they are on vacation and shouldn’t have to work while they are gone.  But I feel differently.  I get to travel every week if I want to.  So I spend one hour per day making sure my money-making activities are covered.  That just allows me to be on vacation all year if I choose.

I’ve heard that home business owners don’t take vacations.  They just work their business from anywhere in the world they want.  That works for me!  🙂

Discipline –

Generally a disciplined person finds it easier to be productive.  This is because they’re generally more organized and they know what they need to do and get it done.

A disciplined person is committed.  But they also have goals and action plans.  They know where they want to focus their energy and hard work.  They know how to achieve what they desire.

A disciplined person does not get distracted by time wasters such as TV, getting lost in Facebook or online websites, or any of the many ways out there to get sucked in.  They know that these types of things will not help them achieve their goals, so they limit these types of activities.

Being Organized –

This goes along with all of the things I’ve listed above.  Being organized means planning your business.  An organized person schedules their day and their week.  They know exactly what hours they are going to be working the upcoming week and have the time slots blocked out in their calendar.

An organized person plans out their day the night before.  That way when they get to work, they don’t need to figure out what they’re going to do today – it’s already been determined.  So they get to work, and immediately get the tasks done that will make the most difference in their business.

Leave room for “Life to happen” –

Working from home has lots of distractions.  And you want to also be sure to take care of yourself as well.  Leave some buffer time for whatever comes up.  Sometimes your child or spouse might need you or things happen.  By keeping 20% of your time available for unplanned events, you will be amazed at how much easier life becomes.  No one wins the battle against Father Time – you can only work with him… 🙂

Transfer unfinished tasks to the next day –

Whatever you don’t accomplish today, add it to the beginning of your list tomorrow.  As long as you did your absolute best today, you will rest peacefully tonight.  No one can make you feel bad as long as you’re taking your business seriously and doing your best.  If you’re following these tips, you’re probably already ahead of everyone else anyway.

Bottom line… enjoy the process.  Working your own home business is meant to be fun!

Becoming highly productive with your time will allow you to build your Home Business up to a 6 or 7 figure income in a much shorter time frame and these tips should help put things into greater perspective. If you take this to heart then it probably won’t be long until you are sharing YOUR success tips with the community!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Keep working at your plan each and every day. Remind yourself daily that time is on your side. Don’t be attached to how long it takes, rather be attached only to the eventual outcome. Don’t worry about how you’ll attain it, just that you get it.

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If you have something you want to accomplish, “Do or do not.” If you decide to choose “do”, then get started moving forward with the five steps and leave “trying” behind in the dust where it belongs. – See more at:
If you have something you want to accomplish, “Do or do not.” If you decide to choose “do”, then get started moving forward with the five steps and leave “trying” behind in the dust where it belongs. – See more at:

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