Be Willing to Pay the Price

Be Willing to Pay the PriceBuilding a huge Network Marketing business is fun and rewarding but it’s not easy.  There will be times when you’ll have to  sacrifice now to get want you want long-term.  But it will be worth it.

Sometimes you’ll have a prospect that doesn’t warm up to you right away.  Try to have patience and remember that you are a professional, and even though you’re doing something for the prospects benefit you may encounter a certain amount of resistance.  Being patient and understanding will pay off in the long run.  Keep at it and you will turn prospects into distributors, steady customers and friends who will not only come back again and again; they’ll tell their friends and neighbors to do so too.

Sometimes you’ll have team members that will let you down.  People will tell you to count on them to be one of your leaders and then life gets in their way and they’re no longer fired up.  Sometimes you will try so hard to help people and they will somehow decide you are a horrible person and nothing you say or do will convince them differently.

Sometimes you’ll think nothing is happening because you can’t see your team growing.  But if you keep moving forward and working your business, all of a sudden you’ll see hotspots coming up through your network.  Fan those fires and your business will bloom.

Don’t let any of these things get you down.  Continue to press on.  These disappointments may be the price tag that will take you from being mediocre to stepping up to the most incredible lifestyle you can imagine!  Work on your personal growth to build your belief and self confidence.  Know that what you are doing is right and that you will succeed!  When everyone else is discouraged, it’s time for you to be encouraged and fired up!  You will get there!  The only way to fail is to quit.  Stay in the game, bring everything you’ve got, and you will win!  Then, you will soon be enjoying that incredible lifestyle and helping others to do so as well.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  You must determine the price you are willing to pay in order to achieve success and then pay it. Success only comes AFTER you pay the price & NEVER before.

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