Getting Better Response From Your Email List

Getting Better Response From Your Email List

Getting Better Response From Your Email List

You’ve been hearing for years that the money is in the List.  So you did what you were supposed to.  You got a blog, created an email list, added an opt-in form, and set up your Autoresponder.

But now you’re not impressed.  You’re still paying more for your Autoresponder fees than what you’re earning.  So what’s up with that!

Getting People to Opt Into Your Email List

That would probably be the first step, right?  Be sure to have an opt-in box on the side of your blog.

One of the best ways in my experience to generate sign-ups for my email newsletter is through the promotion of a free product. It could be an ebook or a webinar recording, or whatever of value you have to give. Just ask for an email address in exchange for the product.

Make it clear they are also getting the newsletter, too.

Promote your Opt-in form on all your social media sites.  About once a week or so, make a post on each of your social media sites to promote it.

Create a Separate Website With an Opt in Form

I have also created a separate webpage with my opt-in form to make it easy to send people there.  This is what I post to generate interest in mine:

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Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity –

A large list isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Success comes from engagement rather than just blasting out emails on a regular basis.

With so much information flooding people these days, quality is so much more important than quantity so make sure you engage with quality content.

People Opt in… and Out of Email List – Nothing to Worry About –

People on your email list can reject you by unsubscribing or sending your emails to their spam folder.

There’s not much you can do about that.

But if they’re not interested in reading what you have to say, they’re most likely not your market anyway.

At least be thankful you’re not having to be rejected over the phone.

That’s the beauty of email marketing.  The serious people rise to the top and those who are not so serious fall off and you don’t even have to know who they are.

Don’t Try to Be a People Pleaser –

You’re not going to please everyone so don’t even worry about it.

Be honest and tell your customers the truth.

Some readers may leave, but the ones who stay are the ones who really are your target market.

If you find that too many are leaving, you might want to see if you can figure out why.

But mostly, your target will be the ones who relate to you so it’s better to be you and attract those who are a fit.

Target Your Market – You Can’t Reach Everyone –

If you try to sell to everyone, you will sell to no one.

It is very important to target your market and only write to your target audience.

Find out who would be the type of people who would be a match for your product or opportunity.

What age are they?  Are there any specific problems they are looking to solve?  What are their priorities?  Write to those types of issues.

Stay In Regular Contact With Your Email List –

Since spam laws and ideas have become more strict, it’s natural to be worried about being reported as spam.

So many of us worry about sending too many emails.

But the truth is you are probably not emailing often enough.

Good list building is about building relationships with your readers.

As long as your content provides value, is fresh and engaging, you shouldn’t annoy too many people.

Those who are annoyed were probably not your target anyway.

Special Offers –

If your product or service really is a benefit to your reader, you should include at least one offer in your first email.

People like to clip coupons, and getting a discount always makes people happy.

A sense of urgency can also help you spur action.

Customers like to feel like they are a part of an exclusive group, and so appreciate special deals created for them.

Even everyday deals like “get free shipping if you order through this email” can be turned into something more special by offering something like “get free shipping if you order through this email before (insert date).”

Build Your Own Personal Brand –

Your goal is to establish yourself as an authority in your particular field.

You can achieve this by including a link to your blog or links to videos you’ve created.

Don’t always email with a sales pitch.  Try to provide value and establish yourself as a go-to source for information.  This will help your prospects start to know, like, and trust you.

It Takes Time, But It Will Come

As time goes by, you will brand yourself as a leader and as a giver.  As you get more and more known through your branded image, you will have more and more people contacting you about joining your business.  You become the hunted rather than the hunter and that is a great place to be.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Good list building is about building relationships with your readers.


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Getting Better Response From Your Email List

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