Build Better Relationships With Your Facebook Fans

Build Better Relationships With Your Facebook Fans

Build Better Relationships With Your Facebook Fans

Building a genuine relationship with your Facebook fans is done by engaging them and building relationships through 2-way conversations.

Here Are Some Ways to Help You Build Better Relationships With Your Facebook Fans:

Use Your Fans Names in Status Updates and Comments –

Whenever possible use your fans name.

I know that’s generally not possible with status updates unless you’re talking to one specific person, so at least use your own name when you leave a comment.

This is especially important if you’re working a business page that’s not tied to a particular person.

By signing off with your name, you become a person they can relate to.

Also, instead of just “liking” comments left on your fan page, try to engage and create a conversation with your fans.  They will thank you for it.

Give your fans insight into your business –

It’s important to be transparent with your fans.

Don’t be afraid to show them that your business has a more personal side.

Show your challenges and failures as well as your successes.

Create interaction with your fans by asking questions.

You can ask which of your products or services they prefer, or ask them how you can improve your service.

Fans will be more likely to feel like they’re being listened to stick with you for the long run.

Involve your fans –

Look to establish 2-way communication with your fans.

Give them an opportunity to create content on your page.

Examples include:

Ask for photo uploads around a theme.  i.e. Send us a picture of your desk. We would love to see!

Use Photo/video uploads as a contest or giveaway.  i.e. What reminds you of Summer?  Upload your photo/video using #iLoveSummer for a chance to win.

Ask your fans to share their thoughts or images of your products/services.  i.e. Where are you enjoying our fruit smoothie this morning?  Upload your photo for all to enjoy!

Be transparent & authentic with your fans –

Work to get to know your audience.

Be transparent and authentic with them.

Relationships are not built overnight – you need to be consistent and genuine to build loyal fans over time.

The more you get to know your fans, the more genuine and trustworthy you become.

Host a Q&A Session for your fans –

This is a great way to develop one-on-one relationships with your fans.

Keep this consistent as a regularly scheduled event.

Pick a day of the week and make a post every week to encourage questions.  i.e. Q&A Tuesday – Post your questions here:

Answering questions helps demonstrate your ability to both listen to your fans & provide added value by solving their problems.

Don’t ignore your fans –

According to Social Bakers, 70% of questions that fans post on Fan Pages are ignored — and worse, 25% of global companies completely close their wall to fan posts.   What a mistake!

Part of being social is being open and responsive with your fans — including responding to customer questions & complaints — and providing feedback.

Responding will help strengthen your relationship with fans and is essential to your overall strategy when building an online presence.

Simply ignoring problems by not responding (or closing your Facebook wall) will not make the problems go away. If anything it will only make things worse & damage your brand’s reputation.

Quick tips on what NOT to do:

  • Don’t close your Facebook wall.
  • Be sure not to leave comments unanswered — if you don’t know the solution right away, leave a message to say you’re looking into it.
  • Don’t NOT respond to comments within 24 hours.
  • Never leave a question unresolved – if you’ve provided all the help possible, let your audience know and apologize for the inconvenience instead of sending them in circles for more information.
  • Don’t only reply to positive comments – responding to negative comments can be just as powerful for your brand because helping a customer in need will often turn them into a loyal follower, and others will see that you’re helping them.

Leverage these ways on your Facebook Page and watch your relationship with your fans blossom.

And most importantly… don’t forget to have fun with it!

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Build Better Relationships With Your Facebook Fans

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