Building your Team To Create A Strong Business

Building your Team To Create A Strong Business

One of the most enticing features about your network marketing home business is that you’re in control of your own business.  You no longer have a boss who can tell you what to do.

You can’t be laid off, transferred, or have your hours increased or cut.  Your territory can’t be reassigned or downsized, and product lines or customers won’t be taken away from you and given to a coworker.

With the exception of corporate rules and regulations, all authority rests with you.  The time of day or night that you work, the marketing tools you use, the product mix that you sell, the people you sponsor, and how and when you train them – all of it is up to you!  The one caveat:  The ultimate success of your business is also up to you!

But even that’s not so bad because your network marketing business consists of both a downline and an upline that ideally interact with each other.  This is another big plus in your business.

Your downline are those distributors you sponsor.  These are your team members and they make up your sales organization.  You earn residual income based on the performance of the people in your downline.  Your upline are the distributors who are positioned above you.  Your upline earns residual income based on your performance, and well as the performance of your downline.

To sponsor a distributor means that you train and support that person.  You will show that new distributor what they need to do and to accomplish so that they can become successful in their business.  Then, by coaching, advising, instructing, and encouraging, they empower the distributor to begin building their own organization.

Your ability to sponsor, train and motivate the people in your downline improves when your upline is dedicated to helping you succeed.  A strong upline is a huge benefit of being in a networking business, and you should appreciate it when you have one.

But not everyone has a great upline – for many reasons; lack of interest, health problems, personality clashes, no longer in the business, etc.  If you are lacking a strong upline, you will still be able to be successful without one.  We will provide some ideas about how to be successful on your own in the next few weeks.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Work on developing your team members. If you treat everyone like they will one day be the source of all your wealth, and in order for that to happen they will have to be wealthy too, then you will give them the utmost priority. This will go a long way with any team. When your downline calls you–no one is more important than they are in that moment.

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