The 4 Whys

As you’re talking with people about your MLM / Network Marketing, Online Marketing business, there are 4 questions that will be in most people’s minds and that you should take care of up front. Getting these out of the way during your presentation will take care of most of their questions. 1.  Why Network Marketing? …

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Does No Really Mean No?

Sometimes a prospect may initially say No to the business. But No can often mean, “I need more information”.  If they say they don’t want to join you, don’t say, “Why Not?”  Instead, keep listening. If you let them talk they will continue to explain their opinion while you are listening and preparing your responses. …

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Let Rejection Motivate You

As you’re working to grow your MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing home business, don’t get discouraged.  It only takes a few Distributors to get your business off and running. Those who prospect the most are the ones who will reap the most rewards.  If you stick with it, you CAN and WILL succeed. …

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HBS068 – Networking Groups

Welcome to my weekly Home Business Success Podcast. Today I want to talk about using Networking Groups to grow your business.   Networking Groups are a great way to meet new people and expand your warm market. In fact, Networking Groups are an effective way to meet professional people. They give you a way to physically …

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