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Big Contacts

Without a good system for tracking your contacts and helping you follow up with your leads, it doesn’t matter how many leads you have because most of them will slip through the cracks and never go anywhere.


Your good tracking system is key to building relationships and increasing both sales and retention! Let’s face it, no matter how amazing our product is, or how great our compensation plan is, many people are not going to buy our products or sign up to sell Avon the first time you talk to them. Ultimately you want to stay with your prospect until you get either a Yes or a No. That could take days or even months. Having a plan in place detailing how you’re going to follow-up and keep track of where everyone is in your plan will have a huge impact on your business.


Your Contact Manager will also help you offer amazing support to your downline. You will know at a glance who needs a 48 hr follow-up call, who needs a T-2 training, etc., and it will keep a history of discussions, e-mails, letters, etc. you’ve had with the contact.


Big Contacts is an online service that is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer, even when I’m away from my computer. This system ensures that I never have a Lead, a referral, or a downline member fall through the cracks and that I’m on top of my business at all times.

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