Contact 10 People Per Day For Business Success

Contact 10 People Per Day For Business Success

Contact 10 People Per Day For Business Success

For the next 5 days personally communicate with 10 people about your opportunity.

What is a contact?  A contact is when you share your opportunity, make completed phone calls, give out your business card, call a past customer, give a stranger a copy of your catalog or recruiting brochure.

Smile when dealing with people. Give your best service. Share books and business cards with 10 people a day (in hands).  Text or email your Online Store link to 10 people.  Follow up with people. Ask for referrals.

In the beginning it doesn’t matter what kind of response you get.  The most important thing is that you made the contacts.  When you make at least 10 contacts per day, you will soon see positive results.  Sometimes you will get so caught up in the excitement that you build that you will want to contact more people.

Effort is what brings results.  Activity is what can overcome fear.  Try it for 5 days.  That’s 50 contacts in 5 days.  Can you do it?

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Pick up the phone and create some prospects! Stay on it until you’ve recruited someone, or at least talked to 10 people live (not by voice mail) – TODAY.

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