Finding a Reputable Company

Finding a Reputable CompanyWith the economy being what it is these days, there are a lot of start-up companies out there and some of them are not so reputable, or well-managed.

Here are some flags to help you decide:

Big Name People

If the company is flaunting big name business people, millionaires/billionaires, TV pitchmen, or top athletes to promote the company, then beware. It’s okay to have these people giving product testimonials (if they are involved with the company or using the product/service), however many of them are paid spokespeople who couldn’t care less about the company, product, or your success, as long as they get paid.

The best sign of a solid company is a solid management team. Look for management that has successful experience running big companies. Look for the team that has network marketing experience, preferably as a successful distributor who can understand what the business is like here in the trenches and will make decisions that will help us.

Big Money Focus

If a company is only talking about making big money, run away as fast as you can. It takes hard work and determination to build any business and if they’re skirting that issue beware!

It’s okay to share the possibility of making big money, but if a network marketing company is going to last long-term, it must market a solid product or service – something that people would readily buy without being involved with the business.

For best results this should either be a consumable product or a renewable service. The product or service should be something you enjoy, would buy even if you weren’t in the business, and can get excited enough about to tell other people.

We Will Build it for You

Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. I’m surprised at the number of ads I see that claim all you have to do is join and they will build the business for you. Just join and use their proven system and you’re going to make BIGMONEY! If that’s true, what would they need you for?

No one is going to build your network marketing business for you. They may be willing to put some people under you in certain circumstances, but you are still going to have to talk with people and recruit. The key here is to find a good upline team that will train and support you. They should offer internet based training via a team web site, e-mail messages, webinars and teleconferences, and even live meetings. This is something I’ve done for my teams for years and it works.

Check their motives to see if they are only looking at what’s in it for them or if they do sincerely seem interested in your success and are willing to devote the time to help you. A good company and product/service are important, but sometimes a good upline team is even more important.


Find a solid company with an excellent management team, a product/service that is in high demand and about which you can get excited, and a solid upline team that will help you accomplish your goals. When you find those keys and it feels right in your gut, jump in with both feet, put the blinders on and build like crazy. You’ll love the results!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.   Understand you will be in business for yourself and, ultimately, the success you enjoy or not will be based entirely on you and the effort you bring to the table. But, joining a good team with solid leadership and training can help smooth out a lot of the bumps along the way.

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