Finding People To Share Your Business With

Finding People To Share Your Business WithOne thing about our business is it is simple.  It’s not easy, but it is simple.  The reason it’s not easy is that our business takes a certain amount of self discipline.  It is crucial that you find a way to motivate yourself and get up and make it happen.  That is exactly why knowing your Why is so important.  It can help you stay motivated when things are not going as you expect.

Most Network Marketing businesses will flourish if you have five business builders on your team. But keep in mind that it’s not necessarily who YOU recruit who will build your business, it’s who YOUR RECRUIT recruits!

It only takes a few to start.  Building a large business depends on prospecting quality, like minded business builders.  Just start with one recruit and teach them to do the same and then you can grow from there.  Here are some ways to find new potential team members:

Use your spare change – Put 10 coins in your right pocket.  Every time you attempt to prospect someone, take a coin out of your right pocket and move it to your left.  Don’t go home until all 10 coins are in your left pocket.

Work the numbers – If you call 40 people a day, 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year, that equals 9,600 contacts in one year.  If you only sponsor 1% of the 9,600 contacts, you will have 96 new team members.  If you’re not making enough money, this is where you should start.  Make a goal to call more people.  If after 25 minutes you haven’t talked to anyone but answering machines keep going for the next 35 minutes. Don’t stop – it will pay off eventually.

Meet your neighbors – In a neighborhood of 200 people, how many can you meet and talk to?  After speaking to 10 neighbors, you still have 190 to meet.

Get out of your house – Nothing happens until you get started.  Go to where people are.  Get active, join organizations and meet new people.  Visit stores, gyms, events, fairs… anywhere people congregate.

Prospecting is the main activity you will do from the very start of your Network Marketing business.  Learn to get really good at it.  Increase your profit by teaching your new distributors how to prospect.  Increase your income by devoting more time to getting more recruits.  Or better yet, increase both – your prospecting and your team members’ prospecting.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  All of this can be done online as well.  Make it a point to make 10 new contacts each day on facebook.  You don’t want to start friending people you don’t know, but you can start conversations from groups, or when they comment on your friend’s posts.  Work to build relationships both online and off and your business will grow.

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