Get Organized For Better Workflow

Get Organized For Better Workflow

Get Organized For Better Workflow

To help you be successful in your new business, getting organized can make all the difference.

It is absolutely not necessary to go rent an office.  And you don’t need anything elaborate, but now that you’ll be working in your own business you will need a place to work.  This could be a desk in the corner of your bedroom, or in a separate bedroom.

You can even work from the kitchen table if necessary.  Many Network Marketers get started by using a cardboard box to store their forms, supplies, workbooks, etc.  And these days, since most everything is digital it is even easier to work from the kitchen table.

Yes, it’s nice to have a beautiful office, a huge desk, filing cabinets, and a view; but these things are really just window dressing and absolutely not necessary to get started.  Let’s get you making money before you go looking for those.

Here are a few of the things you may need:

  • DVD and CD presentations:  Mostly these will be provided by your company and will be one of the tools you will use to present your business.
  • Business cards and company stationary:  Your upline can get you started on where is best to get these.
  • Calendar: Be prepared to schedule appointments for telephone calls with your prospects, customers, and team members.  Be sure to jot down the dates and times of upcoming training sessions, conference calls, etc.
  • Computer and printer:  You should have access to the internet to access your company’s back office, and to enroll your new distributors and customers.  It would also be very helpful to have access to a word processing program and a contact manager program. And of course, email is pretty much a requirement.
  • Miscellaneous supplies:  You’ll need pens, paper, a stapler, a calculator, and file folders.
  • Notebook: This is optional, but a 3-Ring binder with dividers can be very helpful.  You can use this for a variety of purposes, including tracking your marketing activities, goal setting, and note-taking during training sessions and seminars.
  • Telephone:  A portable phone is fine, but there’s no substitute for quality.  If you’re buying a phone, get one with a mute button – for conference calls and three-way calls – and a speaker phone.  Also, once you get busy, a headset will be a lifesaver for you, so make sure your phone will accommodate one.

Disorganization can be a huge challenge for the new network marketer.  That’s why it’s smart to be prepared to hit the ground running in your business.

If you’re out collecting business cards and writing information on post-it notes, not having a follow-up system can be a real disaster.  If you lose names and numbers or you don’t call people back after you said you would, you will lose credibility.  There’s no room for procrastination in this business.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. Remember, you can always upgrade your work area when the profits roll in. You might even include your desire for a better work area as a business goal: “When my weekly sales reach $XXX, then I’ll buy a new desk and chair.”

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