Getting Your Fair Share of Traffic From Social Media

Getting Your Fair Share of Traffic From Social Media

Getting Your Fair Share of Traffic From Social Media

Social Media is the largest source of referral traffic to your blog these days.  Are you getting your share?

Social Media has redefined the way we do business and interact with others, and especially the way we share information.

It’s faster and easier to share information via Social Media, and since that is what we mostly do as bloggers, we should be taking full advantage of what’s available.

Here are some tips to help you build your traffic:

Content, Content, Content –

Content is King, and this applies to Social Media as well.  Any good quality content has the potential to go viral on Social Media in the shortest timeframe.

It’s easier for people to re-share a piece of content that they like and find informative and relevant.

So if you’re not getting enough Social Media traffic take a look at your content quality first and seek to improve it.

Be Sure Your Blog is Social Media Friendly –

Do you make it easy for people to share your content to the various Social Media sites?

Be sure to have Social Media sharing buttons available on your blog and in an easy-to-see position to make it easy for visitors to share your blog posts with their friends and relatives on Social Media sites.

The more shares you get, the more eyeballs will see your content, and the more likeliness that people will follow the shared contents back to your blog.

Be Active on Social Networks –

You need to be active with your audience on various social networks.  Engage with them by commenting and liking on other people’s posts, build your fan base and always engage actively with your audience.

Create an account on as many Social Media sites as you can, such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

Keep your profiles updated and use your own pictures on them.

Then make it a habit to actively engage your audience – grow your fan/follower base, build relationships with your fans, help them out when you can, and see the power of Social Media when promoting your blog content.

Post Frequently on Social Media –

Frequency builds momentum.

The more you post on Social Networks, the more people will see and notice your comments.

Also, when looking at your Facebook fan page, Facebook uses an algorithm called “Edge Rank” to determine how many people see your posts.  The more active you are on your page, the higher your Edge Rank will be.

Pay attention to your shares and comments to discover the best times to post.

My experience has shown that early mornings and late evenings are great times.  But also be sure to sprinkle posts throughout the day.

Don’t Depend on Automated Social Media Postings –

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of your Facebook posts.  After all, we don’t want to spend the entire day on Facebook.

But be sure to balance your automatic postings with personal visits to these sites to interact with your fans/followers.

Social Media is a give and take relationship, so you should manually handle your engagement with your audience and respond to their individual needs to build relationships.

Without relationships, you’ll have a hard time driving traffic to your blog.

Vary the Types of Media That You Share –

Most bloggers only share text updates.  Be sure to include other types of media such as videos and images.  This will dramatically increase your Social Media traffic.

Promote Your Facebook Posts –

As I mentioned earlier, Edge Rank limits how many of your fans actually see the posts you share on your fan page.

So if you’re promoting on a fan page, it is imperative that you “Promote your posts” using Facebook advertising.

This way you can increase the number of people who see your post, and greatly improving your social media traffic.

These are the tips I have to help you get more traffic to your blog from Social Media sites.  What ideas have worked for you?  What secrets do you have of successfully driving huge traffic from Social Networks to your blog?  We’d love to hear your ideas and I’m sure you have something valuable to share!

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s. The biggest misunderstanding about creating a blog is that if you build something really great, you will naturally get visitors/customers/readers. There are rare cases where word-of-mouth is all it takes to make a blog popular, but don’t count on it. To guarantee visitors to your site, you need to create great content and actively promote it.


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Getting Your Fair Share of Traffic From Social Media

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