Are Your Goals Really Helping You Achieve Success?

Are Your Goals Really Helping You Achieve Success?

Are Your Goals Really Helping You Achieve Success?

Smart leaders set goals.  But there are many types of targets.  Are you working them all?

Limiting yourself to only one type of goal can set you up for failure.

Here’s a tool kit of goals to help you:

Achievement Goals –

These goals describe what the results will look like when you’ve achieved your goal.  That’s how you will know when you’ve made it, and most people set these types of goals.

Examples would include: retire with a million dollars at age 65, earn a promotion by June 1st, increase sales by 5% by December 31st.

Action Goals –

These ambitions describe the specific actions that you will need to take in order to accomplish your achievement goals.

Examples would include: attend a class to learn new skills, attend your company convention, Find a local meet-up group.

Layered Goals –

These ambitions include layers of different levels of priority and difficulty.

An example would be:  Top Priority – Read one book each month; Medium Priority – Read two books each month; Low Priority – Read three books each month.

Layered goals will stretch your performance beyond the minimum achievements.

Rate Goals –

These types of objectives specify actions that are repeatedly done over time.

Examples would include: Read two books per month, exercise three times per week, contact 2 new people per day.

Many personal growth activities are best spelled out in rate goals.

Limit Goals –

These types of targets set boundaries.

Examples would include:  Spend less than $5,000 for the new equipment, go to bed before 10pm each night, limit your lunch time to 45 minutes.

These help manage priorities.

Exclusion Goals –

These state things that you will not do.

Examples would include: Do not watch TV after 8pm, do not use your cell phone when at the dinner table or in a meeting, do not wait more than 15 minutes past an appointment time when the other person doesn’t show up.

These types of goals help you decide in advance which activities you will avoid.

Incredible Goals –

These types of targets are highly aggressive and maybe even far-fetched.

Examples would include: Attain the top rank in your company, or become Distributor of the Year.

These goals describe visions of ultimate success.  These are great goals to have because they push you to accomplish more.  But when setting these types of goals, be sure to also break them down into more immediate and achievable goals that will help you make progress towards achieving them.

By using the goal toolbox above and setting different types of goals, you’ll increase your chances of success.

Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding.

Think about it: Having a million dollars in the bank is only proof of success if one of your goals is to amass riches.

If your goal is to practice acts of charity, then keeping the money for yourself is suddenly contrary to how you would define success.

Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it.

In between, there are some very well-defined steps that transcend the specifics of each goal.

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s. Even the greatest athletes and strategic planners in the world fail—sometimes badly and sometimes publicly. But those who are great don’t let failure define them or stop them. They set goals, plan ahead to avoid or minimize mishaps, and get back up and keep going when things don’t go according to plan. They roll with the punches—and you can, too!


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Are Your Goals Really Helping You Achieve Success?

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