Google Traffic Best Practices

Google Traffic Best Practices

Google Traffic Best Practices

Here are the 8 best practices that we strongly recommend that you follow to generate the maximum amount of Google traffic.

We believe that if you follow these best practices, you will be able to generate more and more high-quality Google traffic every day.

1 – Understand the Value of Google Traffic

Google traffic is targeted and high quality. There is also lots of it as Google is the largest website in the world.

Google users trust the results that Google provides and when you are on the first page of the search results, your credibility will increase.

Organic Google traffic is free as well.

2 – Perform Professional Keyword Research

If you want to get traffic from Google, then you need to know what keywords their users enter to find information in your niche.

Keyword research will identify these keywords and let you know average monthly search volumes and more.

You can use the free Google Keyword Planner to create your keyword list.

It is important that you assess the SEO competition for your keywords, as this will vary for each term.

You can use Ubersuggest or to do this or find a freelancer on Fiverr to do this for you.

Ideally, you want to target keywords that have a high search volume and little SEO competition.

3 – Understand the Fundamentals of SEO

Most website owners do not have a clue about SEO so you will be a step ahead of them when you grasp the fundamentals.

Understand that Google is a machine so you need to give it all of the help you can.

Google assigns authority to all websites and web pages and you need to know the factors involved here.

4 – Use “On Page” Optimization

You will help Google understand what your website and your web pages are about when you use on-page optimization.

Follow the 12 rules of on-page optimization for all of your web pages and other content.

Make sure that your pages load fast as Google users will go elsewhere if they have to wait and Google will penalize you for a slow website.

All of your web pages must be mobile-friendly as well.

Add an SSL certificate to your website for increased security. Optimize your page titles and descriptions for your keywords.

On-Page optimization is totally within your control.

5 – Use Off-Page Optimization (Backlinks)

Google considers a link to your pages as a vote for your website.

So get as many high authority backlinks as you can.

Do not use low-quality backlinks as these can harm your rankings.

You need a natural mix of links that contain some with anchor text, bare links, do follow, and no-follow links.

6 – Leverage High Authority Sites

Use high authority websites where you can add content to get first page Google rankings.

The most powerful of these is YouTube.

Most of the time there will be videos presented on the first page of the search results and they almost always come from YouTube.

Make sure that you fully optimize your YouTube videos for SEO.

Facebook is another high authority website, which you can use to achieve first page Google rankings.

Google doesn’t index Facebook posts, but it does index Facebook Pages.

Another good high authority website where you can add content and a link back to your website is

7 – Optimize for Google Discover

Very few website owners optimize their pages for Google Discover.

This widely used feature can bring a lot of Google traffic.

It is more popular with mobile users, but its popularity is increasing all of the time.

Research which topics are popular and always use high-quality and attractive images with your content.

8 – Use the Power of Google Ads

Don’t dismiss Google Ads because you think that they will cost a fortune or that Google users don’t click on them anymore.

You are in control with your ad campaigns, and you can set daily budgets from as little as $5 that Google will never exceed.

A well-crafted Google Ad can bring you a lot of high-quality Google traffic.


If you have read these posts from start to finish you will have a good understanding of keyword research, SEO and optimization techniques that work.

You will also have learned other ways that you can generate Google traffic.

Now it is up to you.

While reading this post will make you a bit smarter, it is only by taking action that you will be able to generate all of the Google traffic that you need. So start taking action right now.

We hope that you found this post to be informative and useful.

Get started today with generating Google traffic.

We wish you every success driving hordes of Google traffic to your website and other content.

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By Lynn Huber

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Google Traffic Best Practices

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