Halloween Tips to Market Your Business

Halloween Tips to Market Your BusinessHappy Halloween!  There are lots of ways to market your home business during Halloween.

Keep in mind that the more people you get to look at your opportunity, the more people will want to join.  It really is a numbers game.

Here are some tips to promote your home business on Halloween:

Promotional stickers on candy bars.  Print your information on address labels.  Then create little bags of candy and place that label right on top of the candy bag.  You can hand these out to trick or treaters, or take them around to give out at local businesses, apartment complexes, laundry mats, hair salons… anywhere that will allow you to leave a basket of free candy in their lobby or business.

Create and order other promotional items.  Things like Halloween business cards, sticky notes, postcards, or pretty much anything you can hand out locally.  Hand them out everywhere you go.  Leave them on billboards in coffee shops, grocery stores, laundry mats… everywhere you go.  People are out shopping during this season so it’s a great time to hand out information.  And people are starting to think about how they’re going to pay for their holiday expenses so this is the perfect time to offer your opportunity.

Create a Halloween T-Shirt promoting your opportunity, service or product.  If you can afford it, get plenty to give out to family and friends.  Or at least order them for yourself, your spouse and your children.  Wear it while you’re out and about shopping, and while you’re out taking your children trick or treating.

Remember, the more ways you get the word out about your business opportunity, the more people will want to join you.  It’s all in the numbers.  The more you have out there, the greater response you will get.  Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  One of the ways to grow your business is to constantly plant seeds.  Halloween is a great time to get the word out, and the perfect time to start prospecting for the Holiday Season!

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