How To Become A Leader You Want To Follow

How To Become A Leader You Want To Follow

How To Become A Leader You Want To Follow

You can become a leader people actually want to follow, not just a leader people follow because they think they have to.

Many Network Marketers / Affiliate Marketers / Direct Sellers get promoted to a new position but they’re not really sure how they got there or what to do next.

Being a leader is a fun and rewarding part of the home business profession, and when you know and implement these simple skills, you’ll find the position even more FUN and REWARDING!

Learn the Skills –

It’s so exciting when you first start your home business.  When you first started, I bet you were excited!  Hopefully, you took on the responsibility to learn!  Why? A great leader knows their stuff.

So from the very beginning, you’ll want to learn!  You owe it to yourself and your future team.

Get really good at network marketing, inviting, closing, coaching, and more.  These skills are what are going to help you achieve the success you’re looking for.

Share What You Learn –

Every time you learn something, share it with your team members.  There’s no better way to learn something than to teach it to others.  Sharing with others also shows that you are a leader.

As you share what you have learned, you will attract the attention of your upline, sideline, future downline, and others in your sphere of influence.

People will be attracted to you and will want to work with you because you helped them or provided them value.

Getting yourself into the mindset of WIIFY (What’s in it for YOU) puts you in an attitude of service and leadership, and this is the best way to grow your business.

Develop Leaders –

Many people want to feel like they’re being needed.

To be a leader, you’ll need to let that go, and focus on teaching your team members to replace you.

You’ve probably heard the bible story about teaching a man to fish?  The same is true in your business.

If you teach your team members to be leaders, your organization will grow and you’ll have an entire team of leaders rather than followers.

The more people you can get on your team making more money than you, the more you’ll make.

Can you imagine how strong your business would be if you had leaders working alongside you rather than a bunch of team members following you?

As soon as you get a new team member started, you will want to get them started learning.

Have them follow your training system, and work with them to help them learn what to say as they are prospecting.

If there is a presentation to be done, have them practice on you.  This will build their confidence and show that they are a coachable and potential leader.

As other team members see your new team member doing the presentations (or part of), it will encourage them to step up as well.

Attend Meetings and Events –

You want to be seen within your company.  Stay plugged into meetings as a leader, so your local community or team members see you as the leader and want to emulate what you are doing.

Be sure to be at any online webinars, conference calls, hotel meetings, and your company convention – whatever events apply to your company.

There is nothing worse than having your newest team member ask you about a call or meeting and you have to say, Uh… I don’t know what happened because I wasn’t there.”

Rinse and Repeat –

These steps represent the basics of being a leader in the home business profession.

You’ll keep doing these steps over again to build your business.  Just like washing your hair – you’ll lather, rinse and repeat.

You’ll continue this same process – Learning the skills, sharing what you learn, developing your leaders, and attending meetings and events. And you’ll do them over and over and over again.

When you have mastered one area of your business, you’ll work on learning the next step.  And then you’ll master that one, and then you’ll learn another one.

For instance, maybe you’ve gotten good at inviting people to the next opportunity meeting, conference call, or webinar that your upline will be doing.

Then you will learn a little more and will lead part of the presentation.

Eventually, you will lead the presentations yourself.  And you’ll be bringing your leaders along with you the entire way.

Think about what the ideal leader would look like to you.  What would that person do to help you?  What would they teach you?  How would they act?

Once you figure out what an ideal leader looks like, work on becoming the answer to your own questions.

If you don’t have that ideal leader in your business, then step up and become that leader for yourself.

Once you’ve successfully become the leader that you would want to follow, you’ll find that others will want to follow you too!

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By Lynn Huber

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p.s. Can you imagine how strong your business would be if you had leaders working alongside you rather than a bunch of team members following you?


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How To Become A Leader You Want To Follow

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