Impossible Means Only That it Has Not Been Done YET!

Impossible Means Only That is Has Not Been Done YET!Today I’d like to tell you a story about George.  He was in graduate school studying Mathematics, which was his true love.

George was getting ready to take his Math final.  The professor said that the person who makes the highest mark on their final will be given the opportunity to be a research assistant with him the next year.

George really needed that job.  Jobs were very hard to get it this would’ve been like a dream job for him. So he went home and he studied.  Today was Friday and the final was Monday.  So he studied and studied and studied and studied over the weekend.  He studied so hard that he overslept on Monday morning and he was late to the final.   He rushed into the class and the professor silently handed him the paper.   He sat down to go to work as all the other students had already done.

He saw two questions on the board as well as the six questions on the paper, so quickly he worked through the six questions that were on the paper and tested them and he was sure that he was right on those six questions.

So then he looked at the board at those two other questions for the test, so he wrote them down and began to work on them, but he couldn’t solve Question #1.  Then he worked hard on Question #2 but he couldn’t solve that one either.

He was working and working and working when the bell rang.  The Professor looked around and said, “I can see that some of you are still working on your test so I’m holding you to a sacred truth that you work by yourself; but given that, you can turn in your final on Friday.  Just have it on my desk by 4pm.”

Gratefully, George took the final home and he worked and worked and worked.  He thought, “Oh my God.  The professor gave us really hard questions so that he would know which of us was worthy of being the research assistant.  Somebody is going to solve these problems and it needs to be me.  I want to be the one who solves them.”

So he worked and worked and worked.  He kept going back and forth between the two, and finally he solved one of them.  He worked diligently on the other until it was Friday at noon and he finally was able to solve the second one and ran all the way to the professor ‘s office to get it in before the deadline.

Sunday morning, at 7am, someone was banging on his door.  He opened the door and there is the professor.  He said, “George, George…  You were late to that final, right?”  George got worried and said, “I hope that isn’t a problem!”

The professor said, “No it’s not a problem at all.  You’ve made mathematical history!  You were late and so you didn’t hear what I told the class about those two problems on the board – that because you were all math students, if you want to have fun with the rest of your life, here were two unsolvable math problems.  Even Einstein didn’t solve these.”

And then he said, “But George, you didn’t know they were unsolvable.  I’ve taken these to two other professors.  You have made mathematical history!”

Later when he would write about that, George says that he knows if he had been on time for the final and heard the professor say even Einstein didn’t solve these, he would never have thought from the place of, “someone will find the answers to these, why not me?”  But because he didn’t know that, he was coming from the place that someone would solve it.  He could be the one who could generate the idea that would be the solution to the very problem that he was having.

So, in essence, he had a very good trick played on him because he didn’t know.  But this goes to show that there is a way to bring ourselves into that frequency of thinking, even when everything around us is saying it’s not possible.

On the other side of those two questions was the job, the research assistant with an opportunity to work in the field he loved with the man he respected, and so he kept going through that experience.  The problems were just something to get past.  He kept thinking from the result he wanted, and he thought that somebody can solve these, why not me?

As we grow, we are always running into and overcoming obstacles.  They are just the next stage of our becoming.  It’s that next opportunity.  It’s an idea but it’s not yet in form.  So we match that idea with our way of thinking.

So however you do your own mind management, pay attention to what it is you’re paying attention to.  Notice what you’re noticing.  It’s the only way that you’ll be able to shift your thinking.  You don’t have to think any thought.  Just because a thought comes by, you don’t have to think it.  You can send that thought on its way and replace it for a higher frequency thought – one that empowers you or helps you to achieve what it is you’re striving for.  You can just say “Next” or “Cancel”, but take control of your own thinking.  And when you discover that you can do that, you will have found the portal to your own power.

Your thoughts are the powerhouse of what you’re operating from, and most of us are way unconscious about it.  You generally think in a certain way even while you’re doing ordinary things.  You want to think from being the person who is living the result you want to create, participating in the laws of the Universe.

Your beliefs create your thoughts.  And it is your belief that determines what you have the ability to accomplish.  If George didn’t believe that someone would solve those equations, why not him, he would not have done what it would take to solve them.  It didn’t matter that it wasn’t possible.  Truth is, it was only not possible until George solved them.

So don’t limit yourself.  You can accomplish whatever it is you desire.  First thing you need to do is work on your belief.  Get your belief set in stone, and then go out and accomplish whatever it is you truly desire!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  It was impossible to go to the moon…until Neil Armstrong did it.

It was impossible for a person to run a four-minute mile… then Roger Bannister did it. And so did almost 1200 other people.

It was impossible to break through the sound barrier…until Chuck Yeager did it.

I can keep naming feats that were at one point, impossible, but you get the picture. Sure it’s easy to look back now and say, “ah, that wasn’t impossible”, but up until the exact moment someone actually did it, it was very impossible to everyone involved. In hindsight, all those people who thought it was impossible to do those things look pretty silly now. But, the truth is someone needs to challenge the impossible in order for a break through to occur. Why not you?

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