Increase Your Success Momentum

Increase Your Success MomentumHow would you like to allow yourself to experience an increase in your own personal success momentum?

Every one of us, whether we realize it or not, has a success momentum.  For some of us, the momentum is so slow that it’s like a snail’s pace.  There’s hardly any measurable difference in the forward momentum of what you would love to create.  On the other hand, other people have huge measurable successes.

There is a brain-based science that can help us understand how we can increase our own success momentum.

Earl Miller of MIT and Mark Histed of Harvard found that our neurons actually return memory and actually become more finely tuned when we succeed.  Our brain actually gets a brain boost when we notice our own success and pay attention to it.

And this is more then when we notice a failure, particularly if there’s a negative consequence from it.  We may avoid that behavior, but it doesn’t mean we’ll learn what to do about it.

But when we pay attention to a success, that success is anchored by a brain chemistry called dopamine, and it helps us retain the memory of what to do to create success.

So today, catch yourself in a success.  It could be something simple.  It could even be that you know how to do something that you’ve taken for granted that you know how to do.  But call it successful today.

You probably know how to drive a car.  You probably know how to pick up your child.  There are some things you’re doing that are actually successful behaviors or learnings that you’ve learned perhaps a long time ago, and you’ve forgotten that they are your successes.  You’re taking them for granted.

So today, give yourself a brain boost.  Open your mind to the possibility of increasing success momentum.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  It isn’t the one-off major success that predicts future successes, but the series of small accomplishments that builds personal neurocapability. The good news is that we can control a lot of this process.

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