Introverts Can Make Good Leaders

Introverts Can Make Good Leaders

Introverts Can Make Good Leaders

It’s true.  Introverts can be great leaders!

I am an Introvert.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It just means that I get my energy from being alone.

My husband, other the other hand, is an Extrovert – he gets his energy from being around lots of people.

Our society seems to idealize Extrovert tendencies.

It’s no secret that businesses would rather hire people who are outgoing.

Extroverts are not afraid to get out there and Lead, and they are definitely more vocal.

Ironically though, some of the most successful or admired people, of past and present, are introverts.

Take Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein.  Or Bill Gates, Larry Page and Steve Wozniak.  And how about Michael Jordan, Roy Rogers, Steven Spielberg and J.K. Rowling?

Seems I am in good company.  🙂

But when it comes to being good leaders, Introverts can be just as good, if not better than, Extroverts.

Here are just a few of the qualities Introverts can bring to the table:

It’s Smart To Not Do All The Talking –

People who are Introverted are generally considered to be better listeners.

Extroverted leaders, on the other hand, are generally more apt to do a lot of talking and not as much listening.

Learning to hone your listening skills regardless of your personality type will greatly aid you in building your business.

Some Quiet Time Alone Is Good For You –

Introverts have a natural internal power to birth fully formed ideas, insights and solutions.

An introvert who sits back in a meeting, taking in the arguments, dreamily reflecting on the big picture, may not be seen as contributing – until he works out the solution that everyone else missed!

Introverts also have a natural ability to stay focused when others around him might be distracted.

They’re generally not afraid of solitude – in fact they thrive in it.  It gives them opportunities for self-reflection, thinking, theorizing, observing, planning, and even reading, researching and writing.

If we carve out some time for solitude, it helps minimize distractions and helps us stay more focused.  Introverts can teach us a lot in that regard.

Humility Can Make You A Better Leader –

Introverts are generally more inclined to shine the light on others in pursuit of greater purpose, rather than on themselves.

They are generally more concerned about the success of their organization, project, or venture.

Introverts can help teach us how to devote our attention to strengthening team members and helping them find success in their own business.

It takes a certain amount of humility to do this, but humility pays.

A Calming Demeanor Is Good For Business –

Introverts are generally more calm and collected than Extroverts.

The Introvert’s even temper helps create a peaceful atmosphere that brings a feeling of stability and calm.

These attitudes can radiate to others in the workplace, and especially to customers.

Introverts Find More Meaningful Connections –

When attending networking meetings, we all have a tendency to flit from person to person and collect many business cards.

An introvert prefers to connect one-on-one and make a connection around something that has meaning for them.

So while an extrovert might attend an event and end up talking with everyone, an introvert might attend an event and only meet a few people.

Now obviously these are just generalities.  Some apply to me as an introvert and some don’t.

The amount of personal growth we’ve gained can also make a huge difference in how we relate to others and how we interact in our worlds.

And keep in mind that we all have qualities from both sides of the spectrum, and we’re changing and growing every day.

But these are just some of the ideas I’ve found as I researched this subject online.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. The truth is… It’s not that Extroverts are more outgoing and Introverts are more shy.  It’s more about where you get your energy.  You’ll never find someone that is totally one or the other.  Instead it’s always a blend, and that blend can change as we change and grow.


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Introverts Can Make Good Leaders

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