Leadership is Action More Than Position

Leadership is Action More Than PositionNo matter what area of life, people respond to good leadership.

A mother is a leader in her home; a son may be the leader of his sport team, or a daughter the leader of the debate team.  Groups rely on the person in charge to lead them to success.  A true leader is highly ethical, honest and respected.

In our society we have leaders and followers.  Are we born to be one or the other?  Absolutely not!  Leadership skills are something that can be developed, even if you don’t possess them now.

Here are some traits that apply to most leaders:

They think BIG! –

Leaders don’t limit themselves.  They know that they can achieve whatever it is they desire.

They know where they’re going and have a plan to get there –

They begin with the end in mind and take the time to figure out the action steps to get there.  They know exactly how much product needs to be sold, or how many team members they need for that next promotion.

They set goals –

Leaders have a plan to get to where they want.  They plant their goals firmly in place and remain focused until the goals are achieved.

When the goals are met, they raise the bar –

Leaders are always looking to better themselves and their situation.  They don’t sit back once they’ve met their goals.  Instead, they take stock and immediately start planning for the next promotion or event.

They are committed –

Leaders know that there are seasons to their business.  There is a time to sow and a time to harvest.  They won’t let the slow times get them down.  And once they’ve made up their mind to accomplish something, nothing can stop them.

If you are honest, ethical, consistent, and treat people with respect, you’ll find that many will follow your lead willingly.  Be sure to reward when a job is well done, and always look out for what’s best for the team.

Leadership skills can be learned and improved upon.  As a leader, you can become an inspiration to others.  How great is that!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  In reality, we all have a leadership role to play. In this day an age, each of us must make a conscious choice as to how we are going to lead our lives. How are we going to live? What choices will we make? How will we treat others and will we seek to help those less fortunate than us? You see, leading a life and just living one are two very different things. This coming week, think of yourself as a leader. Take the time to think through your decisions and actions, and most importantly, do the right thing.

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