Learn from Big Thinkers

Learn from Big ThinkersI was just thinking about the events we have coming up!  One of our favorites is the Mastermind Event.  This will be the 8th time Richard and I have attended this event.  We always go as a VIP because we get to meet and mingle with more of the top people, and important for us, we get to sit up front during the event!

Richard and I LOVE to attend these types of events and this is one of the very best!  When you go to these events you get to meet and mingle and network with big thinkers from lots of different companies and different countries.

Success is a state of mind.  Everything we have achieved up to this point is a result of the thoughts we’ve been thinking.  And thoughts lead to actions, actions to habits, and our habits are what determine our eventual success.  So one of the most important things we can do in our pursuit of success is to learn to think big.

In fact, thinking big is not enough.  We also need to think differently, talk big, believe more, act big, take action now, and take action consistently in order to become great and accomplish our dreams and goals in life.

What better way to do this and to stretch our minds than to associate with big thinkers.  Everyone who attends these types of events are those types of people.  These people are successful precisely because they know the importance of getting to these types of events for the training and networking opportunities they provide.  They are exactly the types of people I want in my life.

Richard and I will be also attending the MLM Cruise in November.  This is just another opportunity to learn and associate with quality people – in this case in a more informal environment.  This will be our 5th cruise with this group, and we have made friends from all over the world.  We are excited to see them and spend time together again.

And we will be at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event in Las Vegas in October.

Decide now to get out to these types of events.  Make it a point to go every year.  But don’t forget your company convention.  That is important too!  We learn something new and grow every time as a result.

And always remember that in order to accomplish big things, you must always think big, talk big and act big!  Your thoughts and your words have the power to determine your path.  We all love our family and friends, but in many cases they just don’t think the way we do.  Find a way to get around people who will stretch you and help you grow.

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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  If you’re going to be at one of the above events, let me know!  I’m excited to see you there!

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