Let it Go

Let it GoDo you have obstacles and circumstances that you’re facing today?

Of course you do!  So do I.

We all have situations, or circumstances, or conditions that happen in our day.  Our five senses pick those up and tell us what our life or our current business situation is like.  At the same time we recognize that our life is a reflected reality, just like the pictures on the screen of a movie are a reflection of the images that are held before the light projects those images on the screen.

And guess what… We can change those pictures!  So learning how to think constructively, instead of thinking from the conditions surrounding us, gives us the authority and the opportunity to recognize the power that is at work with us, and if we’re willing, is at work for us.

We start by recognizing that there is one power, one presence, one universe, and that power is right where I am.  In fact, that power is breathing me, and it’s seeking a freer fuller life for me.

That means your dreams can happen for you.  If you have a dream, or an idea…  If you want to be financially free, if you want to look at your calendar and know that you love what’s scheduled for your day…  Those ideas are what are in harmony with life’s wanting a freer expanded expression by means of you.

So, you have to know what you want.  Picture it in your mind.  Recognize that right there where you are is an infinite power.  You tell yourself the truth, that no matter what the circumstance, you are more than that.  It’s okay to have the circumstance.  Don’t let the circumstance have you.

And then you refuse to shrink to the problem, and you stay in the mind of, “What can I do?  There is something I can do.”   When I don’t let myself off the hook from something I can do, ideas start to come.

Then just let it go.  When I plant a seed in the ground, I don’t go dig it out to see if it’s growing.  Well sometimes I have done that, but it never worked very well. 🙂  It won’t work very well for you either.

Knowing that the Law of the Universe is always at work, you hang onto the image, but you let go of the stress and the worry, and replace that with affirmative thoughts.  This is what it looks like when everything is coming together.

There was a psychologist years ago that was having dramatic results with his patients.  He had studied all different types of psychology but they didn’t produce the results he wanted for his patients so he came up with his own thing.  And then, all of a sudden the whole world of psychology was buzzing with the results he was having and everyone wanted to know what he was doing.

It was a simple thing.  He had every single one of his patients do this: tell themselves, no matter what the situation, no matter what was going on in their lives, that, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”

That’s how you let it go.  No matter what the condition, you have a picture of what you want in your life, you tell the Universe that this is what it looks like, and then you let it go – every day, in every way I’m getting better and better.

Pretty soon, your subconscious mind starts to believe it.  Pretty soon your self-image starts to get in harmony with it, and whatever your subconscious mind and your self-image gets in harmony with, you can not stop the good that’s flowing to and through you, because that good is right where you are.

It is a recognition, a realization, telling of the truth, and letting go – every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  So know what you want, recognize that you are one with the Universe, tell the Universe what you want, take the action steps you can, and then let go!  That is the formula for success.

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