Let Rejection Motivate You

Let Rejection Motivate You As you’re working to grow your MLM / Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing home business, don’t get discouraged.  It only takes a few Distributors to get your business off and running.

Those who prospect the most are the ones who will reap the most rewards.  If you stick with it, you CAN and WILL succeed.

You will run into rejection.  Be prepared.  Put on a suit of armor and don’t allow yourself to take it personally.  Of course you’re going to encounter some rejection.  Not everybody wants to join your business or purchase your products or service.  If you know this up front, it will be easier when you have to deal with it.

Learn from rejection.  When you get a No, evaluate what happened.  Use it to improve your future presentations.

Our brains are wired to learn.  Every time we say something that elicits a good response from a prospect, our brain says, “Yes, that worked.  We want to do that again!” and imprints that in a little circuit.  Every time we say something that elicits a bad response, our brain says, “Nope, need to try something different.” and imprints that in a little circuit.  This is how we learn.  You have to go through this process in order to learn anything.

There is really no failure – only opportunities to learn.  If we didn’t receive the rejection and learn what NOT to do, how will we ever know what TO do?

Let rejection motivate you and propel you all the way to the top.  When someone says No, it’s just someone who is not interested or doesn’t understand the gift you’re offering to them.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Prospect as though you believe everyone is at least interested. They would be, if they knew what you knew… wouldn’t they?

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