Linear Versus Residual Income

Linear Versus Residual Income

Linear Versus Residual Income

Are you ready??? If you truly understand this concept, if could change your life!

You’re already familiar with Linear Income:

This is the payment you receive for doing your job. You are generally paid by the hour and so are trading time for money.

Let’s say you’re making $10 per hour.  If you work an eight hour day, that would equal $80.00 per day.

How many hours can you work in a day?  Well obviously you have to sleep!  So let’s say you worked 16 hours per day.  That would earn you $160 per day but you have no time left to do anything else.  How long could you keep that up?

So, let’s talk about Residual Income!

My favorite singer is Neil Diamond.  Wow he’s hot!  OK, well that’s another story.

So, Neil does something well one time and gets paid on it over and over again.  Once he records a song, every time that song plays on the radio, or a record is sold, Neil earns a royalty.  He didn’t get rich because one radio station played his music; that one station didn’t amount to much.  But when thousands of radio stations played his records – sometimes two or three times per day, every day of the week, in many parts of the world – that results in a ton of money!

Once Neil passes on, that income will continue to come into his estate.  His heirs will continue to earn that income as long as his songs are played, records sold, or t-shirts and other items are sold – forever!

I can’t sing at all.  When I try, my husband runs out of the room.  Does that mean I’m out of luck?  Nope, that’s where Network Marketing comes in.  Network Marketing provides the same sort of residual income that you can get in the entertainment business.

If you sponsor three people who join you in your business, and you earn just a little bit of money for everything they sell for as long as they sell it, and they sponsor three people, who sponsor three people, who sponsor three people – after a while you will have 70, 500, 1,500 or even several thousand people on your team.

You will earn just a little bit of money for each person in your team for as long as he or she continues selling.  Now you’ll have that Rock Star money like Neil Diamond!  That’s residual income!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. When the power of the principles of leverage, duplication and residual income applied to business, it is absolutely mind blowing… this is the only industry that I know of where these exist… where the average person, with or without an education can create huge financial success and the benefits of financial freedom.

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