Listen Very Carefully

Listen Very Carefully Many prospects have past experiences that have created the belief that good things only happen to other people.  Now you come along trying to build hope for a better future and they don’t believe you.

Even though you might be totally passionate about your opportunity or company, many people will be hesitant to join you.  When the prospect is hesitant, ask questions to get them talking.  Then listen carefully and answer their concerns.  Keep them talking while you keep listening.  The more they feel heard, the more they’ll think you are a wonderful conversationalist – funny how that works!

Continue to keep the focus on them.  This will help you avoid some of  the common pitfalls as well.  You don’t want to sound too eager or desperate, or cocky or superior.   Be careful not to show impatience while they are talking or interrupt them.  It’s important to hear everything they are saying so you won’t be left playing a guessing game to find out what they are thinking.

Focus on being a customer service Rep to solve their problems and you can’t go wrong.  The more they talk and you listen, the faster you will get a new team member!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.   The best sales people I know are excellent listeners. They listen carefully to what their prospect says and listen for underlying clues and hidden messages.  They also seek clarification when necessary. They use phrases such as “tell me more” or “go on” to encourage the other person to keep talking.  And, they also make strong eye contact which demonstrates that they are paying close attention.

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