Make a Decision

Make a DecisionToday I want to share a story with you that was shared by Michael Beckwith, the Senior Minister and founder of the Agape International Center for Truth.

He was talking about how you can make a decision that matters.  He was sharing that it had been during the holidays, and a lot of different people had given him chocolate.

Michael loves chocolate!  Before long, all the different boxes of chocolate were coming, and he started noticing that he had a chocolate box on his desk in his office at the church, and he had a chocolate box in his home office, a chocolate box in his car between the two front seats, and chocolate boxes around the house, and different places.

He was enjoying his chocolate and one day he got in the car, opened the chocolate box and noticed that there were a couple of pieces of chocolate missing that he hadn’t eaten.  He started wondering who was eating his chocolate?  Then he noticed that a box at home had some chocolates missing as well.

He started to find himself feeling a sense of irritation that somebody was eating his chocolate.  Then he caught himself and thought, “Oh my Gosh!  Not only do I have this abundance of chocolate, but now I’m starting to hoard the chocolate, like I don’t want somebody else to eat my chocolate.”

The minute he became aware of that, he thought, “You know, I’m eating too much chocolate if I’m worried about somebody else taking a piece of chocolate.  This is not a good thing!  Next week, after the holidays are over, I will stop eating all that chocolate.  I’ll just get rid of whatever chocolate is left and I’ll stop eating chocolate next week.”

And the minute he said that, a voice inside him rose up and said, “Michael, you can never make a decision for the future!”  And he realized the truth of that and he made a decision to act – not in the future – but to act now.

That was a powerful piece of learning when he ‘got that’.  He turned it into a teaching point that you can never make a decision in and for the future.  If it’s a real decision, you immediately begin to act on it.  Otherwise it is just a consideration, or maybe even contemplation.  The problem is you might actually get a little bit of feeling like you’re actually doing something if you promise yourself something in the future, but until you’ve acted on it you haven’t made the decision.

So when you hear yourself saying, “I’m going to do that” and you put it off into some plan for the future, keep in mind that you’re really still just considering it.  If it is a real decision, you need to put it into effect immediately – it needs to be employed today.

What decision could you make that you are not making right now, but deep down you know that if you did make that decision and act on it, it could radically improve your life?  When would be the right time to make that decision and act on it?

You can put it off for the future, or you can decide today.  Because the truth is… until you decide and act on it, it’s not really a decision, just a consideration.

So here’s to making and acting on great decisions, inside of this day!

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  If you don’t make your own choices, then life or someone else will make them for you.  Make today the day you decide and put it into effective immediately.  After all, it’s your choice.

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