Manage Your Expectations For Your Business

Manage Your Expectations For Your Business

Manage Your Expectations For Your Business

I see so many people get started in their Network Marketing business, and they’re so excited!

They love the products, the company, and even the people in the company.  They get fired up and ready to build a huge business.

Then, along comes some disappointment, and distractions get in the way; and before you know it their business ends up on the back burner.

They start to do less prospecting and little by little they start to fade away.

Work on having no expectations for your business.  Of course you have dreams and goals.  Those are very important and we want to keep those.

But as you’re talking with someone, make no expectation about whether that particular person will or will not join your business.  Your job is just to offer it to them to see if you have a fit.

Ask everyone you meet if they might be interested in an extra income, or making more money, or having their own business.  If not, you move to the next person.

If they ask for more information you stop and get to know them to see how you can be of benefit to them.  Just like there are 4 Aces in a deck of cards – your job is to find the aces, not try to turn each card into an Ace.

So rather than getting discouraged because everyone you talked to today is either not interested or is already involved with your company (or another), be excited that you met your goal of talking to 20 new people today!  Isn’t that a much better goal?

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s. Network marketing is truly the oldest and most natural form of marketing out there. If you will commit to your goals, take action, lead and duplicate your efforts you can and will be successful!

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