Network Mktg Mastermind Event – Day 1

Note:  I can’t even begin to do justice about how incredible this weekend is.  If you are interested in this, you owe it to yourself to be at next year’s Mastermind Event!

This event would be worth it if we only had one of these speakers, but we have all of them in one place!  Incredible!

10/29/10 – Mastermind Recap

Randy Gage – You are the first circle of your organization.  To make the first circle work, you have to work.  You cannot control when you move title, or how many you will recruit during a given time.  You can only control YOU!

When we stop focusing on our team and instead focus on what we do, it will help our entire organization.

Everything in our business is mental.  Take the time every day to know who you are and what you’re about and what you’re going to accomplish that day.

We all have problems in our business.  The people who outrank us simply solved more problems than we did.  It’s all in our mindset.

So what if it takes 5 years to get to $50k/month… How long will it take in your day job?

Every month get in your back office.  Look for sparks of leadership.  When you find one, pour gasoline on it and turn it into a bonfire.

People make the decision that they’re going to the top rank (decision is usually made at an event).  Once the decision is made, then it’s only a matter of time until it happens.

Be sure to get Randy’s new book, Making the First Circle Work.

Orrin Woodward – in order to be good at anything, we have to be willing to be bad at it first.  Every time you make a call or a presentation, analyze what went right and what didn’t and then adjust for the next time.

When there are problems within your team, you need to talk about it and address and resolve the problem, or it will be talked about thru gossip throughout your team.

A new Distributor needs to make something happen in 30 days!

Create a culture within your group so that you connect each team member with the following four things:

1.  Their dreams.  Those who stay will be champions.  Identify their dream to help them stay in the game.

2.  The product.  Everyone needs to use their product on a consistent basis.

3.  Training System.  Recognize strength in people and casually point it out to them.

4.  Pattern.  People need to feel appreciated.  Talk behind people’s backs all the good you know about them.  Make changes slowly.  Make sure they compliment the current, not go against it.

10% will work their business seriously.  How you treat the other 90%  makes the difference.  They need to be loved and encouraged where they are at.

Jordan Adler – The solution to any challenge is to let go!  Quit chasing the answers that are alluding you.

Donna Johnson – When you go thru adversity, you get to choose how you will respond.  Play full out – people will see your passion and your belief.  Your belief is more important than the words you use.  Adopt an abundant mindset.

How to launch a new business builder:

– earn as you learn

– “in”dependent Distributor, not “Co”dependent Distributor.

– Have a paint by number system in place.

– Match your help with their effort

– Build in some accountability

Tom Schreiter – Commercial talking skills.  The sale is made in 15 seconds.

Magic words:

Well you know how…

There is an old saying…

Most people…

Everybody knows…

Everybody says…

Ken Dunn – 2 Simple skills:

1.  Become a better person
2.  Sponsor lots of people

If you focus on #1, #2 will take care of itself.

Focus your training on making yourself more appealing to others.  People join your business because hey know, like and trust you.

Follow great mentors:

1.  Enter into a mentorship relationship (should be like a contract)

2.  Mentor should have an absolute interest in being your mentor.

3.  Get to know the mentor first.

4.  Make sure that you like the person as a person.

5.  Respect their time and their schedule.

6.  It’s OK to have more than one mentor.

The glue that keeps your team together is that you add value to the team.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  You have to LOVE people!  Call someone every day just to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Orrin Woodward – Financial Management:

1.  Know how much money you really bring in.

2.  Know your expenses.

3.  Goal should be to get your expenses to 75% of what you make and save 25%.  Then try to get your expenses to 50%

4.  Never finance anything that depreciates.

5.  Never buy a house worth 2 times your yearly income.

6.  Wait 24 hours before making a large purchase to give yourself time to cool down.

7.  Pay credit cards off monthly.

8.  Invest in your brain.  If we want to change our results, we have to change our way of thinking.

9.  Your focus should be on quality of life.

10.  When you’re blessed financially, be a blessing.

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By Lynn Huber

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