Network Mktg Mastermind Event – Day 2

Day 2 – 10/30/10

Randy Gage – Turning Hope into Belief

Hope is what gets people in this business
Belief is what keeps them in the business

You must keep people in the business long enough to allow belief to be built

We need to get people making $500-600/month quickly to:

1.  Cover their monthly product consumption.

2.  Cover their self development costs.

3. Cover the major events

People should not be living out of the business their first couple of years.  Don’t quit your job too early.  You need money to grow the business.  Everything you make should go back into the business.

When you quit your job, all your old friends and co-workers are watching you.  Are you still driving the same car, have the same clothes, etc… And they see nothing has changed but you’re missing the evening TV shows because you’re working every night?

Strategies for building belief:

1.  Build with traction.

Keep sponsoring until you have at least 4 lines chasing you.  You might need 12 to get your 4.  Maybe even 20 to get 4. Get Four lines chasing you and then you work down in depth and you’ll be free.  Eight lines chasing you will get you wealthy.  12 lines chasing you can give you that gangster money.  But work with 4 at a time.

Building width brings in greater income, but depth brings security.

2.  Rotate the Pattern.

Rotate the pattern of the skill sets required to achieve success.  Make sure your new people are efficient in each of the 4 skill sets.

A.  Ability to meet people.
B.  Ability to work a candidate list.
C.  Ability to invite into the business.
D.  Ability to follow-up

3.  Create a culture of core

A.  Be a product of the product.
B.  Do the right thing.
C.  Everyone has an accountability partner,
Etc.  Every organization is different.  But keep it simple!

4.  Recognize and Praise Progress.

When they show the plan the first time, their first meeting, first recruit, etc.

Recognition and praise builds belief more than anything else.

5.  Taproot with the Domino Strategy.

Go down and find a spark down in your line.  Help them and create a fire.  It will excite everyone above them.  Don’t worry if it’s in your pay level.  Just pour gasoline on the fire.

6.  Create Calendar Campaigns.

Work your calendar in 120 day increments.  Work from major event to major event.  Be in the ticket selling business.

7.  Give People Something to Lose.

You need to know the comp plan and what people are leaving on the table.  Bring it to their attention that they are losing it.  Fear of loss and desire for gain are great motivators.  Fear of loss is the greater motivator.

The only time our business is growing is when we are uncomfortable.  Freedom comes from discipline.

Feed your dream on a daily basis.  That’s why you write your daily affirmations.  Write out your script of your perfect day and read it to yourself.  Keep your dream in front of you and feed your dream every day.  Your dream needs to be bigger than your fears.  When your dreams are bigger than your fears, you’re willing to get uncomfortable.  Your dreams will help you transcend hope and living in a state of belief.

Orrin Woodward – The Ant and the Elephant

When you think about moving title, you use about 2,000 neurons in your mind.  When you envision it, you’re using about 4 billion neurons.  The ant – 2,000 neurons; the elephant -4 billion!

What you say with your mouth is not in alignment with your unconscious mind.  Most people do not program their own elephant (their unconscious mind).  The subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and vivid imagination.  You need to train your elephant.  Decide to become a member of the dreaming club.

We all have the ability to discipline the ant.  i.e.  The alarm goes off in the morning and we know we have to get up.  But the elephant can make all the difference.  Let the ant sit on the back of the elephant.

We need to be more excited than the average person.  Success happens when you become as disciplined to train your elephant. You already do with your ant.  The key is less the words you say.  It is the music your soul is singing.  That sweet music is your ant and elephant aligned.

Ads on TV train your elephant without your knowledge.  You have protect yourself from that.  Like the ads, you need to talk to your elephant in the language it understands  – images!

Take control of the programming to create the life you want.  Run it over and over and over again.

Richard Bliss Brooke –

Everything we think
Evereything we say
Everything we do
Matters!  A great deal more than we realize in the moment.

Your authentic self is where your power comes from.  Quit playing other people’s games and start playing your own authentic game.

No more playing games.  Hit it out of the park!

The most powerful thing you can keep in your spirit is gratitude.

Run full speed down the path and encourage your team to come with with you, but don’t wait for them.  Make the unreasonable request for your team to step up!

Donna Imson –

The Asian middle class will overtake the U.S. and Europe in terms of growth.  $32 trillion spending in Asia by 2030 – 43% of consumer spending.

The middle class population in Asia is 1.9 billion.  They’re not poor.  They don’t have money problems.  Remove that from your mind.

We’re not as different as you think.  We all want the same thing.  If it comes from our heart with sincerity, they will likely forgive us if we accidentally offend their traditions.

Language is no longer a barrier.  Culture is no longer a barrier.  Economy is no longer a barrier.  Network marketing will remove the barriers.

Mike Dillard – The Olive Branch Session

The Internet is just a way to get leads.

To be successful, you need two skills:
1.  Copywriting
2.  Offering them value to keep them there.

Basically this was just a meeting to bring together the traditional ways of growing a business with the new Internet ways.  It was really meant to be a forum to get the two sides talking and sharing to see how they may fit together.

Orrin Woodward – Change or Lose

If you want to win bad enough, you”ll conquer your Goliaths.  Either make the changes necessary to achieve your dream or quit and blame someone else.  As soon as you blame someone else, you are no longer part of the solution.  Don’t run from failure.

If we’re good enough to point out what’s wrong, we’re good enough to fix it.

Every time you fail, it is an opportunity to learn with improved information.  You have to knock down the Goliath before you can move on.  You can’t just dance around it.

Plan – Do – Check – Adjust. = PDCA

Self worth happens through doing the process.  It’s OK for you to fail.  Learn from each one and move on.  Don’t let yourself get comfortable.

Confront the thing you’re not good at.  It’s too easy to practice the things we’re already good at, and that won’t help you get better.

You control the rate of the PDCA.  The faster you’re willing to endure the PDCA, the faster you’ll find success.

It’s easy to say something like, “I’m just a high D”, but if you want to win you have to hate losing enough to change that.  Push yourself past your comfort zone almost to the point of failure so that you can recover and get stronger.

Every time you knock down a Goliath, you’ll go a few steps and run into another Goliath.  That’s just the way it is.

Winners lose as much as non-winners – even more than non-winners because when non-winners lose, they quit.  A winner will not give up, but will find a solution.

You need to be responsible to be the best leader for your team.  You can at least show them one unit that is doing it right.

We need to remember to show grace to every team member – I’m going to love you whether you do what I suggest or not.  You don’t want to be the reason someone leaves your business.  Can you love your team members long enough for them to reveal their potential to the world?

Hold yourself to a high standard and raise the bar on yourself and your team will step up.

I wish I could tell you it’s going to be easy, but failure is not easy too!  Don’t regret what you could’ve become!

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By Lynn Huber

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