Network Mktg Mastermind Event – Day 3

Network  Mktg Mastermind Event – 10/31/10

Today was the last day of the event and I hated to see it end.  It was worth every minute and $ we spent.  Do not miss this event next year, last weekend on October, 2011.

Randy Gage – All you Got!

Everything that happens to us, good and bad, are manifested by us!  On some level, we are responsible for everything.

Your real enemy is in the mirror – we are all our own enemy  We are our own competitor.  We should only compete with ourself – being the best we can be.

The difference between reacting and responding is that responding requires thought.

Network Marketing is the hardest business you will ever do because this business is about personal growth and self development.  In other businesses you can get by on skill and talent.  To be successful in Network Marketing you have to have heart, passion and love.

You do this business because of who you become.  The breakthroughs come when you get out of your comfort zone.  You have to do self-development every day.

Here’s what it takes to reach the top –

All You Got!

But the good news is that all you’ve got is enough.

Jordan Adler – Attracting a Network from the Beach.

You know those 3D Posters where if you look at it just right, you can see a 3D image?  Our business is like that.  Some people see it right away.  Some people need to look at for awhile before they can see it, and some people never see it.

Stories are what makes the difference.  They leave an imprint in your memory.

When you are running your business, it’s not always good to focus on your next promotion, because then your focus is on you.  Instead, focus on the promotions of your team members.

He told a story about a person in the middle of a circle with a belt with 5 ropes coming off the belt.  Other people would try to to guide him by pulling and releasing the ropes and without verbally communicating with him.   Then what if we blind folded the 5 people and you couldn’t figure out how to make them understand, just take off the belt and then you’re free to move around.  So when you run into obstacles, take off the belt of the beliefs that are stopping you.

Maximize your focus/energy on making the most amount of money in the least amount of time – without cutting corners.

Relationships are what is important.  Even if you recruit people online, it is crucial to pick up the phone and build a relationship with them.

Find and sponsor people who are better than you.

How he determines how much time to spend with downline:
1.  Are they doing something?
2.  Are they showing up?
3.  Do they call him?

The other 98% are invited to his weekly conference calls.

BNI is a great way to meet people and to develop your business skills.  Send cards to the people you meet.

Outsource whatever you don’t have time or desire to do, such as :
Getting organized
Yard work

You should always have 2 books with you.  The one you’re reading and the one you’re writing.  Learn to dream and journal about it.

Take some time to write your story of “My Perfect Day”
Write it in the present tense as though it was happening now.

Write “I Am” statements.  Who are you.  Study and reflect on them often and attract that into your life.

The more people that you’re connected to, the more opportunities you have to grow your business exponentially!

Don’t hesitate
Just say Clear

Art Jonak

95% of the population trades time for money.  That is what they understand.  While showing your compensation plan, is there a way you can show your people that if they do ____ they get ____?

Our business offers a way to make more money without trading time for money, but it requires 3 steps:

1.  Delayed gratification
2.  Long term vision
3.  Compounding

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By Lynn Huber

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