Money, Your New Best Friend

Money, Your New Best Friend

Money, Your New Best Friend

Making money isn’t only about the money, just as losing weight isn’t only about losing weight, and finding your soul mate isn’t only about finding your soul mate.

It’s about who you become and what you believe is possible for yourself.

Money is currency and currency is energy –

We live in a Universe that is vibrating with energy.  Our Universe is abundant, and everything you desire is here, at this moment, waiting for you to shift your perception and your energy and receive it.  Money included.

Money is energy like anything else, and when you’re operating at a high frequency with no resistance to it, and take the right actions, you can manifest the money you desire.

We all know we have to work to make money.  We’re taught that our whole lives.  But what we’re not taught is that we must also align our energy with the financial abundance we seek.  In other words, act as if you’re where you want to be.

Our relationship with money is just as important as the action we take to manifest it.  This is one reason why so many people who work hard their whole lives but have lousy energy around money, are left wondering why they have nothing to show for it.

In order to bring money joyfully into our lives, we have to understand that we’re having a relationship with it, and then treat it like any other important and meaningful relationship: we need to pay attention to it, want it, nurture it, put effort into it, respect it, cherish it, etc.

Ridding yourself of your fear and loathing of money, be it conscious or unconscious, is essential if you want to make any.

Come from a Place of Abundance, not Lack –

When we say we want money for something, we often come from a place of “I don’t have it, it does not exist, so I need to create it.”  This has us focusing on and believing in, lack, thereby lowering our frequency and attracting more lack.

When we say, “I am manifesting five grand to go on a trip to Italy – you just watch me,” our faith in the yet unseen is strong and our frequency is high.  Thus, so is our ability to attract money.

This abundance is available to everyone, including you, regardless of what your life looks like at this very moment.

Some people are born into cushy lives full of trust funds and connections and opportunities and fancy educations, and some of these people go on to make great financial successes in their lives and some don’t.

Other people are born into extreme poverty and live in cardboard box houses by the side of the freeway, and some of these people go on to make great financial successes in their lives, and some don’t.

While their obstacles and initial childhood impressions about money can be extremely different, those who achieve success share one key thing: the belief that they can be, do and have whatever they set their minds to accomplish.

Believe that you can have what you desire, that it really truly already exists, and then go out and get it.

Once you understand that you live in an abundant Universe, you can also drop the limiting belief that you serve the world better by not taking too much for yourself or getting too big.

You playing small simply withholds your gifts from the people who were meant to receive them, including you.

Get Clear on Where You’re At –

Journal about where you are at and how you feel about money.

Get clear on all your issues around it.  If you don’t have money, you definitely have issues.  Break it down and get clear about how you really feel about money and why.

Now that you see the truth, focus on money coming to you, imagine receiving all the money you need, visualize how you’ll spend it… and feel it in your bones.

Change your story from “Money doesn’t come to me,” to “Money comes to me all the time.”

Make this an affirmation that you walk around saying in your mind and out loud, that you write down, read over and over.  Drill it into your brain and your bones.

Get Clear On Where You Desire to Be –

We all need money.  We need it to feed ourselves, buy clothes, get shelter, water, medicine, etc.

Once it gets beyond basic survival, however, and we get into the arena of how much money we “need,” if we’ve got guilt and judgment and terror over what it means to have it and what people will think of us if we do, this is where you’re going to run into problems.

Being wealthy means having the resources to provide yourself with everything you need, and desire, to share your gifts with the world, as your best self.  This means being wealthy psychologically, spiritually, and energetically, as well as materially.

Feeling like you don’t deserve the things that make you the happiest and best version of yourself because it’s greedy or is asking too much, ultimately rips off the rest of the world because you aren’t being fully supported, and as a result, aren’t sharing your highest frequency with the world.

Raise Your Frequency –

Money on its own means nothing.  A one-hundred-dollar bill sitting on a table is a piece of paper.  It’s the energy around it that makes it relevant.

The monetary value we put on things and services is also energy.  It’s all about what we believe.

If we believe we’re worth ten dollars an hour, that’s the frequency we’ll put out and that’s the kind of client or job we’ll attract.  If we believe we’re worth one thousand dollars an hour, that’s the frequency we’ll put out and that’s the kind of client or employment opportunity we’ll attract.

Let’s look at a Chiropractor – three of them to be exact.

One makes fifty thousand a year, one makes one hundred thousand a year, and one makes one million dollars a year.

Is the guy who makes a million dollars that much better than the guy who makes fifty thousand?

And how do you put a price tag on his betterness?

What it ultimately comes down to is his decision about what he’s worth.  He is operating at a one-million-dollar frequency so that is what he’s charging, and getting.

So where are you at energetically with what you make?  And where do you want to be?

You can figure this out by getting clear on the kind of life you desire to live, figuring out what you need to be making to manifest this reality, and setting about matching your frequency to your desired income.

If you’re nowhere near where you want to be, keep pushing yourself to raise your prices or seek higher-paying jobs.

Surround yourself with higher frequency experiences and people.  Beef up your education and know-how.  Make vision boards of what you want your life to look like.

Raising your frequency is like developing a muscle-strengthening it is a process.

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By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. There is a big difference between walking around saying you want to make a million dollars a year and having crystal clear intentions, fierce desire, and full-blown action toward specific goals.


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Money, Your New Best Friend

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