More Ways To Find Long Tail Keywords To Tap Into Google Traffic

More Ways To Find Long Tail Keywords To Tap Into Google Traffic

More Ways To Find Long Tail Keywords To Tap Into Google Traffic

Search engines and keyword tools aren’t the only places you can go to see how people are looking for information and what will bring you Google traffic.

In our last post, we talked about how Long Tail Keywords can help you rank higher in Google Search Results.  You can read that here.

You can do some leg work yourself to find this information, by paying close attention to your consumers’ behavior online.

Amazon Reviews

Instead of relying on a keyword tool, you can go straight to Amazon to see what consumers are saying about products like a dog training clicker and gather phrases to use in your blog content.

For example, when you go to a dog training clicker on Amazon, you might see in their handy review word cloud, similar words like around my wrist, wrist band, and wrist straps.

That would tell you that customers are appreciating this feature.

So, you could include the long tail phrase dog training clicker with wrist straps in your blog, along with the other variations of the wording.

Or they might be looking for one that’s lightweight, easy to use, a great value, one that’s loud enough, and so on.

The real reviews will give you a wealth of information, so go beyond their built-in word cloud and look for yourself for phrases you can add on to your base keywords to get found easier in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and bring you more Google traffic.

Look at the Competition for Phrases for Google Traffic

Another thing you can do is look at the competition.

You can search other blogs discussing the same topic and you might see phrases like how does dog clicker training work, or clicker training versus treat training.

Jot the phrases down and plan on using them in the future when you create an original blog post from scratch that targets the same phrase to bring you more Google traffic.

Make sure you don’t copy anyone else’s content – just the keyword phrase itself.


Consumer magazines are also great fodder for your long tail keyword list for Google traffic.

Magazine covers have limited space, yet they have to pull readers in as buyers.

So, you could type in the words dog magazine and look at images on Google to find more keywords to tap into Google traffic.

You might see phrases like:

  • Top dog training mistakes
  • Training a shelter dog
  • Train your dog to stress less

Keep your eye open for strategic phrases that you can target on your blog and track when you’ve used them, along with what variation you used.

In no time you’ll see your site soaring with organic, highly targeted traffic that converts.

Using Long Tail Keywords in Your Blog Content for More Google Traffic

Let’s go back to our dog training blog example. Remember the phrase how to train a dog to stop barking?

You’ll be using that exact long tail keyword phrase plus some variations of that on your blog.

First, you can have a blog post solely dedicated to that exact topic.

You can talk about the many things dogs bark at – strangers, other dogs, noises, and so on.

You can also have blog posts dedicated to each of those individual long tail keyword phrases – like one for barking at other dogs, one for barking on walks, and so on.

To use the long tail keyword phrases, make sure your blog title is or includes the exact long tail keyword phrase you want to target.

Imagine being a consumer typing that phrase into Google and you see two sites.

One is simply a dog blog. But the other specifically has a listing for how to train your dog to stop barking at other dogs.

Of course, they’d click on the most relevant link, so the long tail phrase would win the SERP war over a broad one.

When you’re writing your content, use the phrase once or twice within the blog post, but don’t forget to include variations of it, too.

For example, taking the phrase, how to train your dog to stop barking at other dogs, you might add the following variations (differences in bold):

  • How to train a dog to stop barking at other dogs
  • How to teach a dog to stop barking at other dogs
  • How to stop your dogs from barking at other dogs
  • How to train a dog that barks at other dogs

By switching things up in your casual blog conversation, you’re increasing the odds that consumers who type things a tiny bit differently in Google or other search engines will be shown your blog as a result…

And that means more followers and higher blog profits!

Look for More SEO training in upcoming posts.

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By Lynn Huber

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More Ways To Find Long Tail Keywords To Tap Into Google Traffic

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