My 2-Hour Daily Plan For Online Success

My 2-Hour Daily Plan For Online Success

My 2-Hour Daily Plan For Online Success

When I first started marketing online, I was a little scattered, to say the least.  I was spending all day in front of the computer and not accomplishing what I wanted. So I needed to come up with a daily plan.

I have streamlined my efforts so that I now can do the things I want throughout the day.  I spend about two hours per day on my work, building my business.

This process is what has allowed me to make a great income, giving me the financial and time freedom I so love in my life.

Keep in mind that these can also be “chunked” to best fit around your schedule.  For instance, instead of spending 30-40 minutes each day on your blog, you can spend 2-3 hours once per week to get them all setup for the week.

So Here Is My Daily Plan To Make The Best Use Of My Time:

Create a Unique Quality Blog Post (30-45 minutes) –

There are many ways to come up with great content for your blog posts.  By establishing a routine, coming from a place of providing value, and coming from your heart you will begin to develop a pattern which will make it easier.

You can create your own blog posts, share other people’s blog posts (being sure to give them credit), share and discuss videos you’ve seen, or books you’ve read, or even talk about what’s hot in the world that day.

I have several posts on Ideas about what to blog about:

Blog Topic Ideas

But What do I Blog About?

Syndicate Your Blog Post (10 minutes) –

Some people skip this step and then don’t understand why they’re not getting any traffic.  You’ve heard the saying, “Build it and they will come?”  Well that doesn’t work well in the Internet world.  The Internet is a big place, and people won’t even know you’re there unless you get out there and tell them about you.

This is actually very easy.  I wrote a blog post on how to Syndicate Your Blog Posts.  You can find it here.

Get creative with this.  There are thousands of places where you can post content so that people will see it and may want to come visit your site.

This shouldn’t take more than about 30 minutes total, especially if you’re just getting setup.  But with time you can whittle this down dramatically.

Share Additional Stories, Successes, Personal Information… anything of interest (20-30 minutes) –

Blogging is the beginning of the process, but not everything.  As you go about your day, and you learn about other people’s success stories or other related content, share them.  You can syndicate this information just as you do with your blog posts.  You can post on your facebook wall and other social media sites throughout the day.  However, with facebook groups, I would limit that to 2-3 posts per day maximum.  This could be anything from a new video from your company, sharing something from another thought leader on facebook, free e-books being offered on Amazon… Anything you think your audience will be interested in.  Become a resource for your followers.  Give them a reason to trust you.  The more viral the content, the better.

Be sure to engage with your followers on any social media platform.  Ask questions, comment on their posts, like their posts.  Do what you can to keep the conversations going.

When you first start out, you may not have seen much personal success yet, but you can share the stories of others and do it for your benefit.  Don’t ignore this activity!  It can have a huge impact on your success.

Build a Relationship with Your List (10-20 minutes) –

Your list is your most valuable asset, and if you’re not building relationships with those on your list you are missing out on some of your best prospects and traffic for your blog.  You will have a series of Autoresponder messages set up, but the real power comes from emailing your list daily.

Remember facts tell, stories sell – so share stories.  Get personal with your list and let them learn more about you and what you’re doing, and how you can help them.  And over time your list will grow and the larger it gets, the greater the benefits.  It’s pretty amazing when you can send one email, and several hundred, or even several thousand, read it and respond.

If you don’t have a list, just get started.  There are many places where you can get a list.  Aweber is the best, but there are others out there.  With a little effort, you will be surprised at how quickly it will grow.

Create Videos (60 minutes per week) –

Videos are quickly becoming all the rage online.  When it comes to getting the edge on online marketing, video is where it’s at!  This one tool alone will make a huge impact on your business.  That’s because nothing makes people feel like they know you than watching you on a video – except maybe in person, face to face! 🙂

Here are some reasons why video is so hot:

Google Loves Video – Just like plain text content, video can be optimized for search engines.  In face, search engines tend to favor video content over written content.  If you have a video on your website, it’s 50 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google.

Visitors Love Video – A video increases the amount of time your visitors spend on your website.  Seriously!  Visitors will stick around for an average of two extra minutes.  That’s two minutes to get the conversion that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Video Breeds Conversions – “Video” and “conversions” are practically synonymous. A video on your website makes visitors six times more likely to convert.

Your Daily Plan Helps In Developing Yourself as a Leader 

People like to follow a leader.  You need to step up and show people that you are the leader they’re looking for.

Take responsibility for your business.  Develop a daily plan to make sure you are doing the things you need to for success.  Commit to the time you’re going to work your business, and stick to it.  Don’t wait for others to hand you the answers – go find them, and then share them with others.  Become a resource for your followers.

Become a problem solver.  Look around and find ways to make the world a better place. Observe your surroundings and listen to people. How can you help?

Think of the big picture. As you’re solving problems, you might notice patterns, and be able to see how it all fits into the grand scheme of things.

Are You Looking For Something New?

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber


p.s. Having a daily plan can help you be consistent, on track, and successful.


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My 2-Hour Daily Plan For Online Success

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